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An example of ios13 dark mode in action

How To Enable Dark Mode On iOS 13


How To Enable Dark Mode On iOS 13It has been long coming, we’ve waited for this and now we have it, ladies and gents let me present to you iOs 13, a great update which has the long awaited dark mode

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Prior to this, iPhone has been intimating us of how cool dark mode is on apps, but like you know just a few services had the dark mode available, services including Gboard, Google Maps, Messenger, Slack, Twitter, and YouTube.

Well, yesterday being 3rd of June 2019, the american tech giant Apple launched the iOS 13 which is an update to its ios series. iOS 13 has a feature that will make you to go completely darkmode absolutely everywhere.

Lets Checkout The Benefits Of Darkmode

Normally, iPhone’s Night Shift helps keep sleep-preventing blue lights at bay, iOs 13 dark mode aka night mode is a cool option for people who don’t enjoy the yellow hue that the Night Shifts gives out.

The likely will be some blue light to deal with in the dark mode, but compared to Night shift it is easier to see and the dark mode can also lower display brightness with help of the Low Light filter and Reduce White Point setting.

The iOS 13 Dark Mode has many other super cool benefits, it is way better based on your preference of course. Another box that Dark Mode ticks is in terms of battery life, most especially on iPhones with OLED displays such as the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max.

Now How Do We Put This Dark Mode On

We are on the main topic, putting on the Dark Mode can be done by following this very simple steps below.

Step 1: Confirm if you are using iOS 13

Step 2: Locate and Open up the Control Center

Step 3: You now long-press the display brightness control till when you see a new “Appearance Dark” button.Enabling Darkmode on your ios 13 upgrade

Step 4: Tap on that to enable dark mode for your iphone.

Other Tips To Consider On Your Dark Mode Expedition

I would suggest that you allow the dark mode were its own control, so you don’t have to do extra tapping, but it’s better than nothing.

The Dark Mode can also be scheduled to turn on and off at a certain time or so does apple say, but for now I have no idea how to do that.

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