How To Delete Facebook Page On Mobile App

How To Delete Facebook Page On Mobile App

How To Delete Facebook Page On Mobile App: On my last post, I talked about how to Take Down A Facebook Page using your system, today I’ll be talking on how to Delete your facebook page using your mobile app.

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Deleting Facebook Page On Mobile App(iOS and Android)

Step 1. Locate the facebook app and login(If you aren’t logged in already)

Step 2. Click on “☰”(It should be at the upper right hand corner of your mobile screen) This key should open the menu options.

Step 3. Now, scroll down till you get to the option named ‘Pages’, here you’ll find a list of pages you are in as an administrator.

Step 4. Locate and click on the page you wish to delete

Step 5. Click the EDIT PAGE button, this button has a pencil like icon. It’s should be on the right side, slightly below the page’s cover photo and Facebook page name. If you are using an  iPhone, this button might be below the blue button that says “Add a Button”. This displays a menu for editing your page.

Step 6. Click the Settings(Here you’ll see your page’s settings)

Step 7. You’ll see a gear icon/button named ‘GENERAL’, you click this.

Step 8. Scroll down till you see ‘PERMANENTLY DELETE PAGE’ on iOS devices you may see ‘DELETE [pagename].

Step 9. You delete the page….

Now, click this link and see what happens after deleting a fb page.

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