How To Dance Zanku Leg Work (VIDEOS)

Zlatan Ibile founder of Zanku Leg Work

How To Dance Zanku Leg WorkYou know I first saw this dance on Instagram and boy o boy the dance was glorious mehn! well, the dance just came out recently and it is slowly gaining grounds in Nigeria.

Origin Of Zanku Leg Work

Mehn!, a brother cannot really pin point where the dance came from ,but the very major pioneer of the zanku leg work is no other than the ‘Kapaichumarimarichopaco’ {pronounced = Kapa-chu-mari-maricho-paco}  also known as Zlatan IbileZlatan Ibile picture

He has gone as far as releasing a song named after the dance, and until someone comes out to say otherwise, Zlatan Ibile is the owner of Zanku Leg Work.

How To Dance Zanku Leg Work with videos

I am not a super great dancer, but this particular dance shouldn’t be that hard, watch this videos below then see the written steps I came up with.

Part 1.

Part 2


Step 1.

You get a super cool music that will go with the dance, I recommend you get ‘Zanku Legwork‘ by Zlatan Ibile himself  or Able God by Chinko Ekun ft Lil Kesh and Zlatan Ibile even Jogor by Zlatan Ibile

Step 2.

You bend your neck like you are looking at the floor.

Step 3. 

You fold your elbow like you want to give someone an upper cut without really giving it.

Step 4.

You lift your righ/left leg up a little like you want to kill an ant {You don’t necessarily have to lift your legs very high}

Step 5.

When your right leg{Depends on the one you started with} is about touching the floor, you lift the second one

Step 6.

You now continue in this manner.

And you are now hitting your leg on the floor like a MAD PERSON sorry Zanku Master.


Now, You have gotten the basics, go ahead and add your own style, most especially that one you lift your leg up like you want to smash open a door.

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