How To Dance Soapy | Follow This 11 Simple Steps + Video


How To Dance Soapy: In the last two years, Nigeria has witness the birth and death of two dance steps, the first being

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Shaku Shaku spear headed by Slimcase, we were also introduced to  Zanku Leg work which means “Zlatan Abeg No Kill Us”

This dance was pioneered by the one and only Zlatan Ibile.  Now we have a new one named Soapy.


Origin Of Soapy

Zlatan Ibile’s very good friend Naira Marley who recently regained

Freedom from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission – EFCC over fraud charges 

Has brought a new dance he calls this one Soapy.


Dancing Idea Of Soapy

The idea of the whole soapy thing is to show masturbation in a cool way, it entails dancers making gestures close to their groin/genitals to make it look like one is masturbating.

I feel after the period he spent in the prison, and having to deal with prison life which entails restrictions from

Many things like sexual pleasure, which in turn pushed inmates to satisfying themselves with other means, Yes!  Masturbation is what I mean aka Wanging 😉.

There’s a 60% chance that he drew the inspiration from there.

Critical Reception Of Naira Marley’s Soapy Dance

Due to the features of the dance a lot of people didn’t welcome it well, many people had a lot to say about it, so many people have condemned the dance

People including social media influencers and famous media men, a blog put together this article to condemn it

Joey Akan a prestigious writer at had this to say…

How To Dance Soapy

Everybody can’t be on the same page, others have shown massive support for the dance

Marlians (Naira Marley’s fans) have shown great support and have taken the dance to places, in fact brace yourself, for this dance is here to stay.

Basic Soapy Dance Video


Basic Soapy Dance Tutorial(No Video)

Before you dance soapy, one must be conversant with the Zanku Leg Work dancing steps because there’s no soapy without Zanku

If you can’t dance Zanku leg work, click on click on this link and open a new tab to learn.

If you are familiar with Zanku lets rock and roll.

Step 1. Learn how to dance Zanku

Step 2. Get the official Soapy Music(Thou other tracks may go)

Step 3: Lift your both hands up like “You surrender”

Step 4: The music should be playing by now.

Step 5: Spread your legs a little.

Step 6: Start making the both legs vibrate simultaneously.

Step 7: While vibrating(as in the video) you close your legs quickly open and keep vibrating

Step 8: Fold your palm like you want to hold a round rod, candle etc.

Step 9: Take it close to the center of your groin.

Step 10.0: If you are dancing with Naira Marley’s official Soapy dance keep your ears open for when you get to this lyrics

“Jo soapy (Soapy)
Kirikiri njo soapy (Kirikiri njo soapy)
Jo soapy (Soapy)
Ikoyi prison njo soapy”

 at this point you quickly move to step 10.0

Step 10.0: You now stop vibrating(all this with speed) jump up a little then you push your ass backwards then bring it forward like you are aiming an imaginary torn from your groin inside your folded palm continuously

Step 11: You can also while aiming for the palm’s hollow start moving your palm in a very short up and down trust like a piston.

Stepping Your Soapy Dance Up A Notch

While doing all up there, you can also carry out crazy moves like stripping to your undies, dancing zanku on it etc

So tell us, where you able to dance the soapy dance? Whats your thoughts on the dance?

Share your soapy video with your friends and get their opinion.


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