How To Dance Shaku Shaku

How To Dance Shaku Shaku

How To Dance Shaku Shaku: Hhehehe, Unless you are living under a rock or you don’t use social media or you aren’t a youth  between the ages of 30 downwards then you must be familiar

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with this dance SHAKU SHAKU, Shaku

Origin of Shaku Shaku

The word “Shaku” (is from Japanese) it means the ‘measure of length‘, considering a foot. It is one of the basic units of the old Japanese Shakkanh

measurement system. Some people believe that the origin of a famous“cakewalk dance” dates back to 1800 when it was a mockery of white slave-

owners. DJ Real thinks “Shaku shaku” to be the name for the street guys. This dance got the name from their particular style of dancing, which they performed when drunk or smoked weed.

Well, Shaku Shaku trend started in the year 2017, in Lagos of course, Today HowToNigeria will be teaching you how to dance it.

You may watch this video below or you follow the steps that will follow the video.

How To Dance Shaku Shaku In Theory.

                         Stiff Shaku Shaku{1}

Step 1:

You must get a beats that will fit into the shaku shaku dance, the are so many tunes I can recommend for you, but let me give you a few ‘Legbebe by mr real, Maro by Orezi, Ji masun by Idowest ft Davido, Immidiately by Mystro ft Wizkid.

Step 2.

To begin the dance, stand straight with your feet shoulder distance apart, arms relaxed on both sides.

Step 3.

Put your arm forward. Then stretch the other one, so that one arm slightly crosses the wrist of another one (making an “X” sign).

Step 4.

Time to move those legs. Start with your left leg. Practice moving it “out”.  The upper part of your body and the chest should be moved slightly in harmony in the same direction as your legs. Then try to do the same movement with the right leg. Repeat the movement at least three times for both legs.

Step 5.

Now when you feel comfortable with both the movements of your hands and legs, try to do Step 3 and Step 4 at the same time. we call this one the stiff SHAKU SHAKU.

Step 6.

Some more hand play, make your hands one after the other in a form as if you are trying to start a generator{You suppose know how to on I better pass my neighbor gen na}

Step 7.

Finally, do a quick squat once or two times successively while you pull out your legs as you rise. Then you repeat the action.

Congrats you made it to part one.

                     Gwara Gwara Shaku Shaku

Step 1.

Pick a cool song, this particular dance originated from south africa, and boy o boy i love it like die.

Step 2.

Put your legs to the sides for the shoulder width.

Step 3.

Start to perform the kicks with your legs in such a way, so that you can see the side part of your feet. First, do the action to the right side and next to the left. Do not forget to make your body lean to the side of the kick.

Step 4.

The arms’ style is free. You can move them into any direction or add any movement from other dancing techniques.Gwara GWara Shaku Shaku

oya!!! congrats bruh/sis you made it!!!!!!!!

See, ehn Shaku Shaku shouldn’t be forced, just know the basics and kill it… You feel me??



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