How To Create Payoneer Account The Coolest Way

How To Create Payoneer Account

How To Create Payoneer Account: Good day! Hope you are cool? I guess you know a thing or two about Payoneer, but I’ll still give you a little detail about Payoneer.

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For the records, if you are a Nigerian, be aware that Payoneer is free!! Yeah free, I see Payoneer as a perfect alternative for Paypal

That still depends on what you are doing, for freelancers, Payoneer has always been the real deal, same applies to bloggers.

What Is Payoneer

Before we learn how to create payoneer account,lets know a thing or two about Payoneer; Payoneer like every other bank provides money transfer and

digital transfer/payment to over millions of users worldwide. This finance giant was created in 2003 and been waxing strong since then.

Payoneer services are available in almost every part of the world and as I said earlier, is one perfect Paypal alternative. Visit the Payoneer site for more information.

Requirements To Create Payoneer Account

Below are the requirements to own a free Payoneer account.

  1. A working email account that you have access to
  2. Residential Address (postal code and residential address): You are to use your original postal code, your Payoneer MasterCard will be shipped with the help of your postal code. For Nigerians click this link to find out your postal code.
  3. Local bank account: The details of your local bank accounts will be requested for(SORT Code etc)
  4. Means of Identification (I.D card, voter’s card, Driver’s license, International Passport, etc): Long as it has your National Identification number, temporal IDs could be used also.

Steps To Create a Payoneer Account

Step 1: Go to Payoneer official site by clicking this link(Use this link to get a $25 exclusive reward). Navigate to sign up. You should find two sign up buttons, any of the two will do just fine.

How To Create Payoneer Account The Coolest Way

Step 2: Fill in your details in the form given

how to create payoneer account: Sign Up
Source: naijahomebase

Note: You are creating a bank account here, so everything should correspond with your means of identification.

When you are done filling the form, click on next.

Step 3: You are then taken to another form where you are to fill in your contact details.

How To Create Payoneer Account The Coolest Way: Signup for Payoneer
Source: naijahomebase

Fill every detail accurately and carefully, your contact details are where your MasterCard will be shipped too, and trust me you need it.
Step 4: Here you fill in your email address and security details.

  • Fill your email
  • Fill your password, make it difficult for anyone to guess but easy for you to remember.
  • Select your security question: This question may come in handy when they are in serious cases.
  • If your means of identification is from a different country than the one in your contact address, indicate here.

Step 5: Fill your Bank Account Details, you need it if you want to make bank transfers(could be changed later)

How To Create Payoneer Account The Coolest Way
Source: naijahomebase

If you don’t know your what your SWIFT/BIC code is, make a google search for your bank BIC e.g “Eco Bank Swift Code”.

Step 6: Check the “Agree on terms and conditions” box then click on submit.

If you followed the steps well, you’ll get a confirmation message stating that “Your application review is in progress”.

It usually takes a few hours but tops 2 days and you are good to go.

How To Request For Payoneer MasterCard

I presume your Payoneer account has been approved? Now its time for you to order for a Payoneer MasterCard.

Step 1: Login to your Payoneer account.

Step 2: Navigate to and click on “Order Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard”

Step 3: Fill your order detail.

Note: A minimum of $30 should be deposited in Payoneer account for this two go, about 3 years ago this wasn’t necessary.

Shipping shouldn’t last more than 4 weeks, Nigeria’s door to door postal service isn’t reliable, I’ll advise you to check the nearest post office to your ZIP code.

I hope it worked for you?

You’ve learned how to create Payoneer account, checkout other How-to articles


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