How To Cook Vegetable Soup(Edikang Ikong) Perfectly (Video)

How To Cook Vegetable Soup(Edikang Ikong)

How To Cook Vegetable Soup: Hey! Good day. On today’s tutorial, I’ll teach you how to cook the super Vegetable soup aka Edikang Ikong.

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Vegetable soup is more popular by the name of Edikang Ikong! That is an Efik name. The Efik people of Calabar are kings when it comes to preparing Edikang Ikong this super sweet soup.

I am already salivating as I am writing about this. This topic teaches you how to cook Vegetable soup aka Edikang Ikong the Calabar way using the very famous

Ugu and Water leave soup, this recipe can be gotten in Nigeria, I will put together another post on a way to prepare this soup for non-Nigerians.

If you are able to wrap your hands around Ugu and Waterleaves this post is for you.

Ingredients For Preparing Vegetable Soup(Edikang Ikong)

One famous thing about Nigerian meal is that, it’s ingredients differs, the primary ingredients are always the same but for killer taste, the others may vary a little. The ingredients listed here will do a lot for you thou.

1. A big bunch of Ugu leaves(Vegetable leaves)
2. Water leaves (⅓ or ½ of the quantity of ugu)
3. ¼ red palm oil
4. Beef/Goat Meat
5. Stockfish/Salmond (dry cold)
6. Ponmo/Canda (cow skin)
7. A handful crayfish
8. 2 big seasoning cubes(Maggi)
9. 1 cup shelled periwinkles(Optional)
10. 1 onion (optional)
11. Habanero/dry pepper (to your taste)
12. Salt (to your taste)

A famous argument has always been if Onion is worthy to join this great meal, Well today I want to let you know that “It’s your choice”.

Steps To Preparing Edikang Ikong The Calabar Way

Preparation 1: Pick and Pluck properly the Vegetables(Ugu) and leave in a bowl. Then chop it(Heck No! We aren’t cooking the leaves in their big state, we will chop them into small sizes)

Preparation 2: Pick and pluck the Waterleaf for another bowl. Then Chop it( No Way! We aren’t cooking the leaves in the shape they are in, we will chop them into small sizes)

Preparation 3: Rinse both in different bowls, see they could be really dirty, so take your time to wash it. Wash in about three different buckets or bowl of water.

Preparation 4: Grind your crayfish, chop your pepper if it isn’t ground, Chop your onion, wash everything that needs washing like Stock Fish, Periwinkle, etc.

How To Cook Vegetable Soup(Edikang Ikong)

Time To Cook Vegetable Soup Like A Boss

Step 1: Steam your meat, canda, and stock properly using cubes and onion, the water here should be enough to steam the meat and also enough should remain after steaming.

Step 2: Remove the meat from the pot, sieve the stockfish so they wouldn’t be bones inside and add a little water to the one on the fire be rational here if the water in the pot is very small and already boiling don’t add much.

Step 3: Pour the palm oil into your pot, add your shelled periwinkles, grounded crayfish, cover your pot and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring it often for the ingredients to mix properly.

Step 4: Add the chopped leaves(Ugu and Waterleaf), add pepper cover it and cook for about 1 Minute.

Step 5: While you stir, add the meat and fish we removed earlier and stir till everything blends well.

Step 6: Add salt small and keep tasting until it meets your taste.

Step 7: This sweet meal is ready for serving, serve with Eba or Fufu.

I hope you succeeded, send my share… ✌️

Watch How To Prepare Edikang Ikong Soup(VIDEO)

Checkout this video, it should help


I got a lot of assistance on going about this delicious meal from a legend in the game of cooking, see her works here.

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