A picture on how to convert youtube videos to audios

How To Convert Youtube Video To Audio


How To Convert Youtube Video To Audio: We’ve all been there, come across a video on youtube that you’ll love to have, what you want is not necessarily the video itself but the audio

So what are you going to do?? Well you are at the right place.


Now, the are very plenty methods to convert YouTube videos to audios, but I’ll be teaching you the three methods I use and have been working for me so far.

Pasting Youtube Link On Other Sites

Here its all about getting the YouTube link and pasting it on any of the sites I’ll show you below.

Step 1: Copy the YouTube link of the video( Open this link in a new tab to see how to copy YouTube video links) To copy YouTube links from your browser, you highlight and use the copy option on the address bar then go to step two.

Step 2:  Open any of the below links in another Tab (i.e If you are using your browser to watch the YouTube  video, you open any of this links in another tab, but if you are using you youtube app you open your browser then use any of the links below.) The Links are

Of all the links here, I am a regular customer of the first link.

Step 3: Paste the YouTube link in the bar provided(The process used in link 1 applies to all others, A bar is provided where you paste the YouTube link you copied)

Step 4: Wait for the site to convert the video to mp3.

Step 5: Choose the mp3 quality you want.

Step 6: Start Downloading.

Note: The above steps are the general processes involved here, in most cases you may get an option to fill the mp3 data like artist name etc.


Converting YouTube videos to Mp3 using GenYouTube

GenYoutube is also a reliable software to use for this task, the process of using it is below.

Step 1: Visit this GenYouTube Site 

Step 2: Yes!! It looks like a YouTube impersonator, you now search for the YouTube video you want to convert.

Step 3: Look below you’ll see some download links, choose any.

Other Ways

This steps above are the ways I have used in converting YouTube videos to audios in the pass days, another way that benefits Mobile users most is Vidmate, visit this link THEN SCROLL DOWN to see how to use Vidmate.

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