How To Convert PDF to JPG In 4 Easy Ways

How To Convert PDF to JPG

How To Convert PDF to JPG: We don’t need to overemphasize the fact that PDF can be converted to JPG files in many ways, the are websites for this and also third-party apps for this task. You could try out any method and stick to what suits you.

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To save you the stress, if you don’t mind, I have a few recommendations for you.

4 Different Ways To Convert PDF to JPG

I’ll show you three different ways to go about it, this steps cut across your MacOs, your windows pc, your Mobile device and PDF to JPG online.

How to Convert PDF to JPG With MacOs

Mac calls third party apps “Unidentified” developers, so to be able to convert PDF to JPG without downloading Unidentified software you follow the built-in tool Mac has provided for its users.

This tool is known as the Preview tool, you don’t need to download this app cause like I said it is already in your MacOS.

With Apple Mac’s preview app, you can not only convert PDF files but also convert TIFF, JPG extensions.

If you don’t fancy the preview tool, then the Adbode Acrobat DC will do just fine.

For the records, the steps for converting PDF to JPG with Adobe Acrobat is the same with your Windows PC.

So, therefore, you can convert PDF to JPG on MacOS using:

1. Preview Tool
2. Adobe Acrobat DC

Convert PDF To JPG With Preview Tool

Step 1: Open your PDF file using Preview.

Step 2: Navigate to and select the page you want to convert to JPG.

Step 3: Go to File then click on Export.

Step 4: A dialogue box pops open, below Format chooses ‘JPEG’ then select your ideal Quality and Resolution.

You will be prompted to choose the folder you want to save your file in and the filename.

Step 5: Click on Save.

Step 6: Export or send the newly converted PDF file.

Convert PDF To JPG With Adobe Acrobat DC

With the Acrobat DC third-party app, you can convert PDF documents on a whole different level. Adobe Acrobat DC allows you to convert an entire document compared to one page at a time in Preview.

What looks like a downside here is that it isn’t free.

Step 1: Go to your PDF file then right click and open with ‘Adobe Acrobat DC’.

Step 2: Look on the right-hand side you’ll find a toolbar, click on Export PDF. This then opens the Export PDF window.

Step 3: Locate and click on Image then choose JPEG.

You could customize the conversion to your feelings that is changing the color and conversion settings.

Step 4: Do NOT check “Export All Images”. Just click on “Export”.

Step 5: A “Save As” dialogue box pops up, choose the folder and filename you wish to save it then click “Save”.

Worked For You Right?

How To Convert PDF To JPG Using Your Windows PC

Windows don’t have a built-in way to go about this, nevertheless they have an app store which hosts applications by developers they trust, so you should feel safe here.

With windows(windows 10 to be precise) you could get this app listed below from their store if your version of Windows

doesn’t have an app store(Windows 7) you could browse with your browser and get the perfect version for your windows. We will be working with

1. Adobe Acrobat For Windows
2. PDF to JPG App

Convert PDF To JPG With Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat isn’t free, let me start here but this creation gives you just so many abilities in the PDF world. I’ll say with the tools Adobe Acrobat has, its worth a few pence.

Step 1: Locate and open your PDF file using Acrobat(I presume you’ve gotten it from the app store already)

Step 2: …… The steps of using Adobe Acrobat with Mac Os works here also, go up to see the steps.

How To Convert PDF to JPG With Acrobat
What Adobe Acrobat looks like on android app store. Yeah! 100m downloads
Convert PDF to JPG with “PDF To JPEG” App

What PDF To JPEG lacks in beauty, it makes up in simplicity and holds on! It is free, yeah you heard me right. Download this app from your Windows App Store.

Step 1: After installing this app, you now launch it.

Step 2: Click on the ‘File’ Icon, always at the top left-hand corner of your screen.

Step 3: A dialogue box comes open, navigate and select the PDF file you wish to convert.

Step 4: Once the app loads the PDF, click ‘Convert’ which is at the top of the window above your document.

Step 5: Let it do its thing when it is done converting, the app will store your newly converted JPG in the same folder as the original PDF File.

Convert PDF To JPG On Your Mobile Device (iOS and Android)

I’ll show you two methods to convert your PDF to JPG on your mobile device.

You can convert PDF files using your browser or a third-party app gotten from your devices App Store.

Convert PDF to JPG On Android and iOS

All you have to do here is download any of this application from your App store and follow the instructions given in the app, the apps listed here are recommended by me

For Android Users =

Go To Your Android Play store -> Search for any of the apps below -> Download and Install -> Upload your PDF File -> Convert It -> Viola!!! JPG ready

Recommended Android Apps

1. Free PDF to JPG
2. PDF Converted
3. Image To PDF
4. Adobe Acrobat

For iOS Users(iPad and iPhones) =

Go To Your Apple App store -> Search for any of the apps below -> Download and Install -> Upload your PDF File -> Convert It -> Viola!!! JPG ready

Recommended iOS Apps

1. PDF to JPG Converter (JPEG) (I recommend this app)
2. PDF Converter :Docs To PDF(Quite complex thou)
3. Adobe Acobat(might not be free)

General PDF to JPG Converting Methods For Mobile Devices

This method is quite broad, and it works not just for iOS and Android but for Windows and macOS, provided you have an internet connection.

Convert PDF To JPG Online

Visit any of this links -> Click on upload -> Upload the pdf file -> Wait for it to convert -> Make use of your JPG file ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

The process applies to all the four links, I strongly advise you convert small pdf files.

So I’ve successfully shown you how to convert PDF to JPG with your PC, Online And with your Mobile device, hope at least one worked for you.


Learn how to compress PDF Files here.

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