How To Clean Macbook Screen

How To Clean Macbook Screen: How stains most especially dust makes it to our Macbook screens is a mystery scientist need to solve, constant moving of our pcs can attract dust no doubt, but how it amounts to much stain is an issue the world needs to talk about(*winks)

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How Do We Clean Our Macbook Screen

Now this are the ways/steps I’ll recommend you use in keeping your Macbook clean, please on no occasion should you…… read.

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Stuffs to have handy
  • Three microfiber cloths
  • Distilled water
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Bleach-free Wipe or Alcohol
Turn Off The System

Dealing with electric and electrical appliance is something one needs to be very careful about, so make sure you properly shut down the Macbook.

 Spray On Cloth

Now,  You spray one of the microfiber cloth with the distilled water till cloth is a little bit moist, PLEASE Never you spray your screen directly with any liquid of any sort.

Wipe Screen Gently

You gently wipe your macbook screen, be very careful  don’t apply to much force no matter how strong the dirt may look, you should be able to determine which force is enough force.

Dry Screen

Now, use the second microfiber cloth(it should be dry) then mop the screen of the little wetness the first cloth left.

The Second Clean

In a case where you still notice stubborn dirt on the screen you apply the Distilled white vinegar on the first cloth, then focus the cleaning on those dirt, when it cleans off you use the dry cloth to wipe.

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Disinfect Your Macbook Screen

Here we disinfect our Macbook screen, you now wet the third cloth with Bleach-free Wipe or Alcohol, then clean the whole screen gently. After this dry the screen with the dry cloth.

Ways To Protect Your Macbook Screen from getting dirty

The are some ways we can help reduce the amount of dirt or dust that gets to our macbook screen, for the records apple has an article for you.


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