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How To Check Your Airtel Number

How To Check Your Airtel Number The Easy Way

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How To Check Your Airtel NumberGood day, hope you are good, without wasting your time, I’ll be showing you how you can check your Airtel number easily without having to ask someone for it

this thing can happen to anyone, me for an example is really careless with my sims,

so when I get a new one I don’t bother cramming the number, so sometimes I am faced with a circumstance that

requires my number and kpoof!!! this method comes in handy.

How To Get Your Airtel Number With Code

So the method I’ll be giving you is done with the help of the USSD.

  • Dial *121# on your mobile phone with the Airtel SIM.
  • From the on-screen options, choose “Manage my Account” by tapping 2.
  • So many options will be displayed on the screen for you to manage your Airtel account as well as see your number. The options are as follows – My data balance, My balance, My Data Plan, My Number, My Tariff Plan, KYC status, My serial number and MY PUK.
  • Select option 4 to see your phone number.

It is as simple as that, and that’s how to check your Airtel phone number anywhere.

Learn how to change your airtel secret code.

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