How To Check Your Mobile Number On All Networks

How To Check Data Balance On All Networks: Airtel, Glo, MTN, 9Mobile(Etisalat)


How To Check Data Balance On All NetworksYou know, for me checking my data balance is a risk I refuse to take, I mean after streaming videos on Youtube, going through Instagram feeds, rocking twitter, viewing series of whatsapp

statuses, downloading mp3 and mp4 files etc, its normal that one finds out how much data he/she has consumed, but well I don’t check mine so as not to hurt my feelings..hehehehe.

So I’ll be showing you ways to check your data balance on all mobile networks here in Nigeria since you are way bold than me.. Lets rock and Roll

How To Check Data Balance On Airtel:
  • To check Airtel mobile dataDial *141*11*0# or dial *123*10# or dial *141*712*0# which ever works for you. What works for me is *140#
  • To check Airtel BIS: Sms Status to 440 or dial *123*9#

How To Check Data Balance On Airtel

How To Check Data Balance On Glo:
  • To check Glo data plan: Sms Info to 127
  • To check Glo BIS subscription: Sms Status to 777
How To Check Data Balance On MTN:
  • To check MTN Mobile data status/balance: Sms “2” to “131” or Dial *131*4#
  • To check MTN BIS subscription: Sms “Status” to “21600”
  • To check MTN SME DataSms “sharebalance” to “131” or dial *691*7#.
  • To check MTN Goodybag: Text “403” to “131”
How To Check Data Balance On 9Mobile(Etisalat)
  • To check 9mobile data balance: Sms Bal to 228 or dial *228#
  • To check 9mobile BIS: Dial *228#

I hope it worked out for you? Learn how to borrow airtime from all networks.


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