How To Build The Right Writing Skills For Bloggers

How To Build The Right Writing Skills

How To Build The Right Writing Skills: Every day read and write something
Practice is the best way to improve your copywriting skills . Write something every day.

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It can be a blog entry, a long e-mail, half a chapter of a book or a certain number of words – the goal is your decision.

It is important that you stick to it. Reading every day is another important way to improve your copywriting skills, giving way only to your everyday writing practice.

What you read doesn’t matter as long as it’s the kind of quality you want to emulate. To refer more writing services visit  Cheetahpapers. To learn how to start a blog, visit this link.

1. Record

Sometimes ideas come at the wrong time or when you are not at your desk. Have you ever had a great idea and plan to write it later, but then you forgot what the idea was?

The next time you get an idea, write it down in your notebook (the type in which you need a pencil to write it!) Or a cell phone.

Personally, I use Evernote to save, organize and access my notes and reading ideas. If you haven’t tried this tool, go check it out .

2. Research

You write best when you know what to write.
Therefore, research your topic before you start writing. Use mind maps and lists to jot down ideas so you have everything in place before you start writing.

Here are a few tools to help you keep up with what’s happening in your niche and make writing faster when the time comes.

3. Google Alert

Google Alert is a tool that needs no introduction. Set up an alert for your search term, Google will send you an email (daily, weekly or monthly) with new,

relevant content added to the search engine index. It’s a convenient tool if you want to follow the latest trends and movements of competitors. How to create google alerts here.

4. Google Trends

Google Trends is a great tool when it comes to using the right terms or locating a language in a blog post.

For example, the term “cookie law” is more often used to refer to a new law that entered into force in the UK in 2011 instead of “cookie rules” or “privacy rules”.

Therefore, when you blog about this incident, it’s best to use the phrase “right cookies” to get resonance with your followers.

5. Buzz Sumo

Developed by Henley Wing, James Blackwell and the team; Buzz Sumo is (maybe) a better tool than Google Trend when you want to delve deeply into your niche.

Just a simple search in BuzzSumo to get answers to:

  • What people share the most in their niche
  • What topics, headers and content formats work best?
  • What your competitors write and share
  • Which platform is the best place to promote your content?

6. Search in Twitter + Tweetdeck

Add the relevant Twitter search column Tweet Deck . By using this combination, you’ll be alert to what’s gaining popularity in your niche. For example (see image), here’s how to set up your deck to keep an eye on tweets related to blog topics.

7. Ink Bee

Ink Bee helps you find other influential people in your industry so you can learn with them. The site works in several ways, helping you find others in your niche.

Add information about your blogs, keywords indicating your industry and add other blogs that you think may be interesting. My friend Adam from Blogging Wizard wrote a comprehensive guide on how to quickly find influencers on the market thanks to Inky Bee – go check it out.

8. Writing tools

There are tons of productivity tools that help bloggers organize and write effectively.

Forget the fancy ones that take hours to learn to use them. It’s best to choose the one where you work most comfortably (and preferably for free!).

How To Build The Right Writing Skills(Infographics) 

How To Build The Right Writing Skills

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