How To Be Strong Willed

How To Be Strong Willed

How To Be Strong Willed: Hey! Howdy? Hope you are cool, okay for the fact that you are searching this topic means you are not, well we’ve all been there trust me, weak, not motivated, so flexible, etc etc

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Before I proceed, being flexible sometimes is very good I must say, but like you already know too much of everything is very bad, now lets really see how you can be strong willed!

How Can I Be Strong Willed?

Before I show you tips on how to be strong willed, lets really determine what you mean in your head when the phrase ‘Strong Willed‘ hits your brain, Is it having the will power to make hard decisions

and stand by them, and not giving up no matter what? Or is it being able to withstand group or family or friends or society pressure and do your own thing in your own way?

Lets Tango…

1. You Need To Know Yourself

How you’ll do this is by understanding the kind of person you are, are you the type of person who reacts immediately, that is jumping to decisions without thinking

it through, or are you the type of person who wants to please everybody, trust me there’s a big difference between being Humble and ‘DUNNO THE WORD TO USE HERE’ but You know what I mean.

Now, being Humble is a really good thing I must say, in fact, the chances of you making it in life depends on being humble, a quote goes you’ve gotta be humble of life will humble you itself

but if you feel you are OVER HUMBLE, we need to fix that, remember that too much of everything is bad and a little to the left and a little to the right is perfection

So, back to the matter, you need to really know the type of person you are, Whenever you are under pressure how do you act? You’ve answered the question, right?

This is what works for me when I am under pressure, I pause, lean my head backward, have a deep inhale and exhale 3 times then I make my decisions,

cause after studying myself, I realized that whenever I make a decision composure, I live to regret it

So in a nutshell, when you get that impulse to react, you stop meditate regain composure and proceed.

2. What Do You Really Want In Life

It seemed like I was losing the focus up there, No I wasn’t, now when you’ve really understood yourself and have regained your composure,

don’t forget the pressure is still before you, currently now you are reading this article which means you are

not really busy, bring out a pen and a paper of use your phone’s notepad and write down what you really want in life,

Do you want to be everybody’s foot-mat? Do you want to be a person people will use to set good examples?

See, let me tell you something about this life… Today it may seem as if your life wants to come to an end, but I bet you 2 years from now, you’ll sit back and laugh about today, but the possibility of you laughing depends on your decision today

so if today you allow that small pressure to make the worse of your goals or mindset, 2 years from now you are going to be sad, not happy,

but if today you calm down and tell the problem to go FU*K itself that you are king, then trust me 2 years from now you’ll be all smiles

so when faced with a little pee, you should have already written down what you really want in this life so if the pressure is a question of your decisions, you put it away.

3. What Really Gives You Goosebumps

Now, many things might cause goosebumps including fear, but I’m talking about Goosebumps in a happy way,

I don’t know about you, but some music gives me real goosebumps, cause deep down Music is my dreams.

So here you should find out what makes you happy, what motivates you, what the moment you see it you want to be there, you feel you should

be there, you feel it is your calling, I don’t know if you get it! but your body starts pushing you to be that thing, you get????

4. Set Short Term Goals And Push Your Limits

See, let me tell you something, Limits are made in your head, that’s the truth, but I wouldn’t start shouting here that IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN ACHIEVE, but whether u agree with me or not, it’s the truth

But lets really get this straight, lets call a spade a spade, you are going through stress I know, you are under pressure I know, and you can’t just change all of a

sudden, you’ll shock so many people(THOU THAT’S THE AIM) but still, it might be too hard for your

body, most especially if you are deep in the issue, now how we are going to tackle this issue is by making short term goals, wake up tomorrow, don’t procrastinate

and tell yourself TODAY I WILL TELL 7 PEOPLE NO! and carry out that devilish plan (In important emergencies make sure you know what to do o! hehe,

the whole point of this topic is for you to make short term goals first, small small, make a decision to keep for two hours, next 3 hours keep

increasing it small small till you’ll become a badass, now make a long term decision,


Now tell yourself that nothing on or under the earth will stop you, become angry, become aggressive,  and move. Don’t let anything DECIDE FOR YOU, See you own this life,

if you keep following peoples decision you are going to be screwed big time because people give you their opinions based

on their own experiences, you get, they judge from their own point of view, so apply wisdom in everything, be smart, know when to back down, but ABOVE ALL, if it makes you happy, do it NOW!

Other Things To Take Note Of Are


  1. Build your self-confidence
  2. Avoid worrying
  3. Take responsibility for your life
  4. Be a good person
  5. Open your mind to new knowledge and to drop old ones(Time changes bro/sis)
  6. Understand people motives in your life
  8. Keep Pushing

These are just a few tips on how to be Strong Willed, the more you keep working on yourself the more you get closer to perfection.

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