How To Be Nice When Speaking | Ideal 11 Tips

How To Be Nice When Speaking | Ideal 10 Tips

How To Be Nice: First impressions they say, last longer but nothing beats maintaining a good impression every time you open your mouth to say something

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For good reasons(I suppose) you want to leave a permanent mark or you want to take a new leave and be the best version of a human being

Respecting the fact that we are all unique in one way or the other, below are some points that will help you be Nice among your peers or company.

How To Be Nice In A Conversation

We have all been there, once or twice we get this urge to speak our minds, to say the very first words that come to our minds, this

the section wouldn’t stop you from speaking your mind it will help you ‘speak’ it the right way.

The secret to mastering this is Calmness, one has to stay calm no matter the situation.

You should understand that for the fact you are reading this, you have a tendency of maturity and are a peace lover(unless otherwise) and you don’t want whatever this is to escalate.

Note! For the fact that you are mature, doesn’t make you a weakling, depending on the situation, ALWAYS SPEAK WITH CONFIDENCE, SLOWLY AND CALMLY.

1. In a situation where someone says something that isn’t true and you have this impulse to react immediately and call him/her a blatant liar, HowTo9ja is here to tell you that an outright “YOU ARE A LIAR” isn’t the best way to handle this, a simple “This Is Not True” will suffice here.

2. If while scrolling to your Facebook timeline or Twitter news feed and you come across news or post that seems fake, a simple “Are You Sure About This” will communicate more calmness than “THIS POST IS FAKE”, Again the situation matters.

How To Be Nice When Speaking | Ideal 10 Tips

3. In a case where it’s obvious that one is wrong, and you have proves to back it up, an outright “YOU ARE WRONG” doesn’t do the job, rather ” This Is Unacceptable” is the trick here.

4. Saying outrightly “YOU WILL BE PUNISHED” isn’t a juice, rather “There Are Consequences To This,” said in a Cold voice will cut deep and cut silently.

5. You are seriously passing a message to someone, and its obvious that the person isn’t paying attention, you may have that impulse of saying “I am talking and you are not paying attention” assuming someone says this to you, maybe someone of your grade who has no authority over you, you definitely wouldn’t want to give the person your whole attention, in this case, “I Will Like To Get Your Attention Please” will communicate maturity and smartness.

6. There he/she goes again, bringing up a topic or a discussion you have no strength for, and your patients can’t take this any longer. You want to tell them to shut the fu*k up, but again HowTo9ja training is here to tell you that “I Will Like To End This Conversation” is the right combination of words here.

7. We are in need of opinions, Billy brings up the craziest opinion you’ve heard in your whole life, the pressure is on you to say “Bro, you don’t make any sense here” No No No! “Is There Another Option Than This” is what you should say. Come on, don’t let anything get to you.

After you learn how to be nice,  learn How To Be Strong Willed

8. Colic is acting in a bad way, probably he/she isn’t aware that their attitude isn’t right, branding him/her as bad in their face isn’t the right thing to say, rather saying “This Behavior Is Inappropriate” will pass a colder message, try this.

9. He seems like one who doesn’t learn quickly, calling him/her isn’t the deal here, rather saying “You Just An Upcoming Learner” sounds milder and will save you from dramas.

10. Being polite to someone who has overstepped their boundary or trespassed into where they aren’t supposed to have to do with you saying “Please It Will Be Appreciated You Leave This Place” not “Get Out From Here”.

11. Above all “Please” “Sorry” and “Thanks” are magic words you should carry on your lips every time entirely.

Hope I was able to get you to that Nice Mood, trust me I don’t know everything, but the little I know I give to you, share your own ideas below, I will keep updating this post.

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