How To Be Confident In 3 Smart Ways (+ Videos)

how to be confident

How To Be Confident: Good day! The word “Confident” alone radiates “Confidence”. Your Confidence can take you a long way. I personally draw my confidence from a range of things, I emulate confidence from an actor on TV.

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If you are familiar with the TV series “The Last Ship” you’ll know where I am going to already. Tom Chandler is one character that radiates confidence alone. I’m not here to advertise “The Last Ship” but the roles, things

And decisions Captain Chandler made was what saved his ship and the world at large from a lot of troubles. Another famous person whose confidence appeals to me is the famous New Orleans rapper, Lil Wayne.

One of his crazy Punchlines in “Drop The World” featuring Eminem was “Confidence Is A Stain They Can’t Wipe-Off” since the day I got this line in my head, it has been a thing I say to myself from time to time in order to boost my self-confidence.

You also see Lil Wayne’s Confidence in the way he dresses, how he minds his business and how he raps. Lol, this man came out years ago to declare himself the best rapper alive with Mcs like Nas, Jay Z… Browse 😉

You can learn how to be confident from this two characters or from any character or celebrity who radiates confidence.

No matter where you find yourself, you too can be very very confident. Many people mistaken Confidence for Arrogance and I am very sure you aren’t “Many People”.

You’ll see different ways on how to be confident and if you apply the little I have here, it will help in the long run.

What Is “Confidence”?

The first thing we need to do before we learn how to be confident is to understand what we mean by Confidence. MindValley defines confidence as “a person’s ability to believe in themselves and their strength

Many times, we mistake Arrogance for Confidence, this is two very different traits, one could mar you the other could make you. Arrogance is over-exaggerated and LOUSY Confidence, while Confidence, on the other hand, is SILENT.

When you are Arrogant, you seek every medium or opportunity to over-exaggerate how good you are at a particular thing, you keep wanting

people to know and appear to be unteachable. Arrogance isn’t the opposite of confidence, it is noisy confidence. A true Confident person

Should possess the trait of HUMILITY and BOLDNESS, above all, a Confident person should know when to allow “Boldness” supersede “Humility” and the reverse. An Arrogant person is all about his ability alone.

As you learn how to be confident, Pride, Arrogance shouldn’t be found on your list.

How To Be Confident

Everything we do, everything we say, every action we take, every decision we make, every choice we make begins in your head. By your head, I mean your mind and that tiny voice that speaks to you. First,

I’ll show you how to THINK confidently, how to APPEAR Confident If you can master these two Sections, you are going to radiate a lot of confidence.

How To Think Confidently

It all starts in the mind, your thoughts become your actions, your actions become your character, your character becomes your way of life, your way of life influences your FUTURE.

As you see tips on how to be confident, understand that everything begins in your head, your mind is the force behind your daily routine.

1. Being Your Master

Now listen, I don’t want you to use this caption to promote laziness. When I say “Being Your Master” I mean YOU in question. You are overweight, you get a lot of mockery in class from colics, etc.

You get home, you look into the mirror, do you love what you see there? If your answer is “Yes”, then let every other person go and Fu*k themselves.

If you don’t love what you see there, then it’s time for you to work on yourself. I have portrayed two results here but both of them are aimed

at YOU being the master of your life. If something about you seems cool, if this cool thing doesn’t hurt anybody in anywhere then do that thing.

You own your damn life. Every other person is but a passer-by on your journey and they have their own journey. A master of self is a master of a lot.

Be bold enough to make your own decisions long as they make you happy without causing anybody pain. Don’t ever allow anybody’s insecurity to push you to do nonsense.

2. Understand Your Weakness

O no! Confidence doesn’t mean you are not vulnerable, Confidence rather means you know every vulnerability in you, you know the vulnerability to accept and you know the one to fight off, confidence also means you know the vulnerability to show and the one to conceal.

One of my Vulnerability is “I don’t do well in relationships”(I wouldn’t explain) I have accepted this fact and I am currently NOT working towards correcting this, I am NOT working because at my age I know Relationships isn’t paramount.

As a confident person, you should know what your weakness is unless you are ready to tackle and fight them off, you should avoid them. Prevention Is Better

Than Cure, you are aware that constantly chatting with your ex will make you fall in love again and you are pretty sure he/she is a toxic person.

You still nurse that soft spot for them and you know it isn’t good for you because of the toxicity that wallows around this ex. You are to avoid anything that will make you chat with them constantly without attaching emotions.

It is, in fact, an act of Confidence and courage for you to boldly walk out of this looming danger. Till when you are ready to work on this weakness “Avoiding” it no matter how appealing it is, is the right thing to do.

3. Note Your Strength

O yeah! The above point was all about your weakness this is about your strength. See, listen to me, you have STRENGTHs you don’t know of, they are things and accolades you have that you

have refused to recognize. I will show you one of your STRENGTHS, the moment you picked up your phone to search the topic “how to be confident” is a

Strength, it means you know what is lacking in you and wish to work on it. So many people out there don’t want to work on themselves, here you are doing just that.

Another of your strength is this, you have read so far from the beginning of this article till here, that is
PATIENCE. The world is too noisy today, many people are living in the fast lane,

You have spent almost two minutes on this article, you haven’t left you are still here “That’s Patience” it is a strength. Look back, can you remember when that friend of yours said you have a nice smile? O yes! It is a strength, most times we don’t give ourselves enough credit when due.

I said earlier in my beginning, a confident person knows when to switch “Boldness” for “Humility” this is one of them, be bold enough to note your strengths. Did I mention this? Strength in this context doesn’t mean only things you have, strength also means things

you are working on. Are you trying to start a business? That’s a fuc*ing strength, are you trying to be nice to people who can’t help you? That’s a strength, it is. Now what you are going to do for us(You and I) is you are going to get a pen and paper

You are going to write down every strength you are working on, every strength you have WORKED on, every strength a friend has pointed out, from your cute nails to your cute voice to your handwriting to the way you chew your food, to your past accomplishments. Yes! Everything

Now, let this thing be in your head don’t let it get OVER you just let in be there. I am writing too much here. 😂😂😂😂

4. Destroy Your Obstacles

O yeah! What do you feel is holding you back? Good grades, bad eating habits, a little number of friends, etc, etc. Confidence is PERSONAL, I may see being an Introvert as a strength, you might see it as an obstacle, for the fact that I see it like this and you see it like that doesn’t mean we are both right or wrong.

If me seeing this as strength doesn’t hurt anybody and you seeing it as an obstacle doesn’t hurt anybody it is time for you to work on it. But before you work on these things, you need to understand them.

For the fact that I keep fewer friends does that make me less of a human? NO! For the fact that you have plenty of friends does that make you less of a human? NO. The whole aim here is to know if what you perceive as an obstacle is a rational or logical thing.

If you see a particular thing as a weakness and you feel it should be worked on, go ahead and work on it, if you see something as a weakness and your logical reasoning tells you it isn’t, then leave it alone.

Examination grades don’t define you if you wish to become a musician, do your best but don’t kill yourself if you wish to be a medical doctor then those grades matter.

5. Nobody Is Perfect

For Christ sake “STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO ANYBODY” I wouldn’t exaggerate this point. Compete with yourself. You are not the prettiest in the room, okay so what? You see that girl who you feel is the prettiest she has her own weakness, that her weakness might be a strength for you.

Now, I am not setting you up to go about finding people’s strength and weakness, just know that everybody has a fault lurking in them, some are working on it, others are hiding it.

Focus On You.

6. The Past Is Where It Should Be

Oo yes! Lil Wayne said “The future is born, put the past in the casket” yeah yeah! The past is right where it should be if you don’t know where to let me tell you. The Past Is In The Past. You got mocked for trying to dance in public, so what? Step on that dancing floor and kill it today.

You didn’t pass that exam last year, who gives an f*ck? Get your ass together, get your reading materials, read and go write that exam. Leave your head alone, I mean pack out of your head.

Many times we hear this little voice of doubt playing in our brain, well guess what “Fu*k that voice” now, silent that voice by saying this three times.


Once you’ve recited this mantra, go all out to execute it.



How To Appear Confident

Yeah yeah! You’ve won the brain battle, let me assure you you’ve won 50% on learning how to be confident.

1. Look Confident

You have to “Look Confident” but don’t base your confidence on your looks. Dress confidently, step up your hygiene game. I told you at the beginning “Confidence Is Personal” do you know the joy in being unique, do you know that being unique is synonymous with being SPECIAL? Now you know.

Dress in a way that MAKES you Feel confident not in a way you PERCEIVE WILL make you feel confident. Long as you aren’t hurting anyone, you are on track. Simplicity is key when! You don’t need the whole mall clothes to be confident.

Great personal hygiene and top-notch neatness are all you need. It isn’t about your personal appearance, it is about your personal feeling, the cloth is clean, you smell nice, you are neat you are good to go.

2. Eye Contact And Gaze

This is the only competition I will approve, when you look at someone, look deep. Make eye contact it radiates confidence trust me. You are talking to someone,

look into their eye, keep gazing let’s see who withdraws first. Subtly when you look someone in the eye, you are in a way showing strength and may give a little intimidation (A LITTLE 😉) so yeah! Keep gazing. Don’t scare anybody please. Don’t.

3. Head In The Sky

Keep your shoulders back, your chest out your spine straight, and your chin high. Walk with purpose instead of dragging your feet, and sit up straight. That’s all about this section. The posture above will radiate a lot of confidence, it makes one know you know where you are going in life. Body language is everything.

4. Be Approachable

Don’t let your confidence get to the PROUD level, always wear a smile not a complete grin, smile often, DON’T fake it. People will notice when you fake it.

5. Be Nice To People

People who are rude and arrogant to people are the most INSECURE humans on earth, they are just projecting their fears to the world and pouring it on others. From the way you treat that gateman of yours till the way you act when talking to that waiter means a lot.

It is an act of Confidence to be nice to people, most especially people who can’t help you in return. Being nice to plants and animals is an act of confidence too. It takes real confidence to help an old lady

cross the street, many people saw her and passed, you saw her walked up to her and helped. You have exhibited many strengths here, Confidence, Humility, Bravery, and Kindness

How often do you meet people with these four traits?

6. Speak With Confidence

Should I over-explain this section? Nope. I’ll say this. TALK LIKE A BOSS. When you speak to someone, appear relaxed, pronounce your words well, if you’ve thought something through and you

have made up your mind on the matter. When the time comes to make your mind known to DO IT. That’s it, always say your mind. Keep working on this section till you know how to be confident while speaking.

I wish you the best, I really do. So share facts I have missed.

How To be Confident In Videos

Okay!  I get, I really will love you to read those articles, but watching videos is also cool.

Watch the below videos and learn ways on how to be confident.

Hope it helped.

You’ve learned how to be confident, learn how to be strong willed.

How To Be Confident Top Tips And Tricks(Photos) 

how to be confident
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how to be confident
how to be confident
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how to be confident
Source: Pinterest


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