How to Get Rid of the Netflix Proxy Error

How to Get Rid of the Netflix Proxy Error

Few things are as annoying in life as getting the Netflix proxy error when you finally sit down to relax with your favorite series after a long day.

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The good news is there are plenty of ways to fix it. We’ll tell you all about them in this quick troubleshooting guide.

First, Here’s the Easiest Way to Bypass the Netflix Proxy Error

Just get a VPN that unblocks Netflix!

You’d think all of them can do that, but that’s not the case. Just because they target the “unblock Netflix” keyword with their marketing copy doesn’t mean their service can keep up with Netflix’s detection and blocking 24/7.

If the provider you’re using doesn’t have enough resources to update their server IP addresses continually, you’ll eventually get the Netflix proxy error message.

To find a VPN that can unblock Netflix, check out ProPrivacy’s guide ( They tested the top providers on the market and compiled a list of the services that work with Netflix. The list also has plenty of useful extra info (pricing, features, speeds, etc.) that should help you find the right VPN for you.

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Don’t Want to Switch VPNs? Then Here’s How to Fix the Netflix Proxy Error

If you’re happy with your current provider and are not ready to switch to a different one, we understand. So we’ve put together a list of seven things you can try to get around the Netflix proxy error right now:

1. Restart Your VPN Connection and/or the App

There’s a chance there’s an issue with your connection, which is triggering the error message. So disconnect from the server, wait a few seconds or up to a minute, and reconnect to it.

If that didn’t work, try disconnecting and shutting down the app. Again, please wait a few seconds or up to a minute, start it up, and reconnect to the server.

2. Connect to a Different VPN Server

Maybe Netflix blacklisted the IP address of the server you’re currently using. Try connecting to a different one to see if you regain access to the site. You should use one in the same country as the previous server.

Oh, and if your provider has dedicated streaming servers, use them instead of regular servers. They’re correctly configured to unblock streaming platforms. That could mean they refresh their IP addresses more often.

For example, CyberGhost optimizes its servers for specific streaming sites and platforms. You’re more likely to see the Netflix proxy error on a server that’s optimized for Disney+ or BBC iPlayer, or that’s not optimized at all than a Netflix-optimized server.

How to Get Rid of the Netflix Proxy Error

3. Clear Browser Cookies & Use Incognito Mode

Tracking cookies can sometimes cause your browser to leak your geo-location to Netflix. So the site sees an IP address that doesn’t match the geo-location leaked by the browser.

To avoid that issue, browse Netflix with a VPN only after you cleared your browser’s cookies. Also, use a new incognito tab because it should ignore any cached geo-data.

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4. Update the VPN App

Updates are generally annoying, and it’s convenient to postpone them. It’s easier to say you’ll run them later than to stop your Netflix binging session, disconnect your VPN, install the update, reconnect, and resume your movie/show, right?

That’s true, but here’s the problem – an outdated VPN app could trigger the Netflix proxy error.


Because without the update, it might use the old IP addresses that were blacklisted by Netflix. It didn’t refresh them.

So go ahead and update your VPN app right now. Also, make sure you do it every time you get a notification or prompt.

5. Turn On the Kill Switch

If your VPN has this feature, enable it. It automatically shuts down your Internet access when your VPN connection goes down (which can happen even if you use the top providers on the market).

It sounds extreme, we know, but consider this – if your VPN connection goes down even for a few seconds or a minute, Netflix might detect a change in your IP address.

Usually, that would result in your getting redirected to your country’s library. But if the site interprets this as VPN behavior, it might display the Netflix proxy error instead.

6. Try Getting a Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated IP address means you’re the only one who is using it. So you’re not sharing it with dozens of other VPN users.

Why does that matter?

Because Netflix is less likely to think it’s a VPN IP address. After all, it won’t see tens or hundreds of sign-ins from the same IP. They’ll see one user connecting to and using their service.

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If possible, try getting a dedicated residential IP address. If Netflix looks it up with various scripts, they’ll see a legitimate residential ISP instead of a data center. So they’ll have no reason to think you’re using a VPN.

Not all VPNs advertise that they offer dedicated IPs, so you might have to ask your provider if they do. Be prepared to pay extra, though, because they’re rarely free.

7. Contact the Support Team

If you still weren’t able to bypass the error message, it’s time to reach out to customer support. They should be able to tell you what the problem is, what they’re doing to fix it, how long it’s going to take, and what else you can try.

Ideally, you should be able to contact them over live chat. If they don’t offer that, send them an email or message them on social media.

What’s Your Experience with the Netflix Proxy Error?

Did you get it often, or were you lucky enough and didn’t see it at all?

If you saw the error, how did you fix it? Did you use the tips we mentioned in our guide or other methods? If you relied on different solutions and they worked, please tell us about them in the comments. Thank you for reading.

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