How To Get 1gb From My Airtel App

How To Get 1gb From My Airtel App

How To Get 1gb From My Airtel App: We all love freebies? Who doesn’t? I am a Nigerian, and I know that feeling. It gets more interesting when these freebies are from established firms like our Internet Service Providers. In this case, Airtel.

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The lockdown stemmed from the current pandemic has got so many people sitting in their homes with the TV, Mobile phones, etc. to keep them busy. The telecom giants, Airtel, have given its users a way to get 1 gigabyte of free mobile data by downloading its mobile app called “My Airtel App.”

You can call it a “Free browsing cheat,” I’ll prefer calling it “An offer from Airtel.” Go below to see how you can get free data on airtel app. It’s approximately 1025 MB.

What Is My Airtel App? 

Before diving in, let’s see what this app is about. My Airtel is the latest feature from Airtel (former Celtel). It is a self-care app. This application has every detail or service code you’ll need to work with your Airtel sim.

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How To Get 1gig from my Airtel App

Ensure you have the designated Airtel sim is on your mobile phone. (Optional)

Step 1: Download and Install My Airtel app:

From your app store, Google play store for android users and Apple App Store for iOS devices, search for “My Airtel.”

How To Get 1gb From My Airtel App

It is approximately 6.5mb only.


Step 2: Launch the My Airtel app:

How To Get 1gb From My Airtel App

Step 3: Log in

By default, the app chooses your country base on your location. In this case, “Nigeria.” In the field provided, type in your Airtel mobile number.

How To Get 1gb From My Airtel App

Since the country call code is there, start from the second figure of your number. i.e., if your number is 081235716… Input “81235716…”

Step 4: Request and (auto)Input OTP:

OTP stands for One Time Password, this command appears below your screen in a blue background, tap it.

How To Get 1gb From My Airtel App

If the Airtel number you registered with is on your mobile phone, it will auto

How To Get 1gb From My Airtel App

verify. If it isn’t, go to the sim’s message folder and get the OTP code then input to the box provided.

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Step 5: Accept terms:

Read and click “Accept” to all permissions they ask you for.

How To Get 1gb From My Airtel App

Step 6: Check your data balance:

Dial *140# to check your data balance. If you don’t see yours, give it time, it will show.

How To Get 1gb From My Airtel App
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Ques: How Long will it take my data to show? 

Ans: It should show immediately, but most times, it takes a while.

Ques: How long will the data last? 

Ans: It will last for 6 – 7 days only.

Ques: How many times can I get the data for a particular sim? 

Ans: I believe it’s just one time.

Ques: Can I register two Airtel sims on one app? 

Ans: Yes, you can.

Ques: How can I accumulate the data?

Ans: Register many airtel sims on the app; it doesn’t matter if you use the same app.

Ques: Where Can I Find Other Airtel Resources?

Ans: Click this link.


You’ve learned how to get 1gig from My Airtel app. I have no idea how long this offer will last, seize the opportunity now. Thanks for reading, and please share.

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