How To Forget A Network On Mac

How To Forget A Network On Mac

How To Forget A Network On Mac: Good day! This HowTo9ja DIY teaches you one simple thing. Whenever you join a Wi-Fi network using your Mac, every time you get within range of

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This Wi-Fi network and if it’s active, your Mac PC automatically joins it. To some, this is okay, to most people it isn’t,

if you belong to the later and you are wondering “How do I forget A Wi-Fi Network On Mac” you are on track.

Using the steps in this tutorial, you’ll be able to forget a network on Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook Air.

Reasons You Should Forget A Network On Mac

Let’s say you put on your Mac system and in a haste to connect to a Wi-Fi network, your Mac with all the

knowledge it thinks it has 😉 decided to connect to a former Wi-Fi that has no internet access.

Now you have to disconnect so as to connect to the other Network. Another scenario your Mac connects to your

phone’s Wi-Fi without your permission and starts downloading and updating, Pretty annoying I guess.

To save yourself the stress and misuse of valid data service, it is best you forget all Wi-Fi networks. Aside from the ‘stress’ part of it,

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most Wi-Fi connections are 70% unsafe, you really don’t want to login to your bank app with an insecure network most especially if it’s public.

How Do I Forget A Network On My Mac

It is pretty simple and straightforward. Have in mind the name of the particular Wi-Fi network you want to delete.

Step 1:
Open Wi-Fi; From your Mac’s finder bar located at the top of your screen, click the Wi-Fi icon.

How To Forget A Network On Mac
Source: LifeWire

Step 2:
Locate and open the ‘Network Preference‘ option. It is also possible to access your Network preference by

clicking the ‘Apple‘ logo at the top left corner of Mac’s screen, then go to System Preferences then select ‘Network‘.

How To Forget A Network On Mac
Source: 9to5Mac

Step 3:
Select ‘Advanced‘.

How To Forget A Network On Mac
Source: LifeWire

Step 4:
You should know before hand the Wi-Fi network you want to delete from your mac, scroll till you find it.

Step 5:
Highlight the network; you are to do this by clicking on the ‘network‘ then click the minus – button under the “preferred network(s)” box.

How To Forget A Network On Mac
Source: LifeWire

Step 6:
Save changes by clicking ‘Ok‘.

Follow from Step 4 to Forget every other Wi-Fi network you wish to drop.

How Do I Stop My Mac From ‘Auto-connecting’ To A WiFi Network

In a case where you don’t want to forget the network but to stop you from auto-joining the network whenever in range.

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This may be a better option if its a network with a password and you aren’t ready to lose it, I suggest you stop your Mac from auto-connecting to the network.

Follow Step 1Step 4 in the above section.

Step 5:
At the far right of the network is a ✔️ tick sign, it is on the ‘auto-join‘ column, it mostly in blue. To stop your Mac from auto-joining the WiFi network, untick this box.

Step 6:
Save your changes by clicking Ok

How Do I Forget All Networks On My Mac

You might want to start afresh or have no idea the particular Wi-Fi network giving you a tough time. It’s possible to forget all Wi-Fi networks.

From the first section up there, follow from Step 1 to Step 3.

Step 4:
Use the ‘CMD ⌘ + A‘ shortcut button to select all Networks.

Step 5:
Click the minus – button below the “Preferred Network(s)” section to remove all networks.

Step 6:
Save your changes by clicking ‘Ok‘ and close the window.

I hope I was able to help you, you’ve seen how to forget a network on mac, check out other How-To articles on HowTo9ja:

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