How To Fix Start Pxe Over iPV4 in Windows 10

The error “Start pxe over iPV4” occurs when a PC tries to boot on LAN. This error code pops up after the PC boots up. It often delays users, loading a circle of dots and takes up to 3 minutes to fully start.

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In this article, we’ve three different solutions to solve this annoying error. We suggest you start with Solution two.

Causes Of The Start Pxe Over iPV4 Error

Pxe stands for Pre-Boot Execution Environment. It is a Windows standard client that allows connected computers to start an OS using a network.

Start Pxe over iPV4 occurs when the system’s boot is not correctly configured in its Bios. When the computer can’t detect the bootable drive, it resolves to boot from the local area network connection. In a nutshell, you can say this error comes when the proper storage to boot Windows from isn’t available.

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How To Fix Start Pxe Over iPV4 in Windows 10

Solution 1: Disable Secure Boot

How To Fix Start Pxe Over iPV4 in Windows 10 » Windows

1. Restart Windows and press the specific keys (Del, Esc or F2) to enter the Bios menu.
2. Go to the Security tab. Select “Secure Boot Configuration” and hit Enter.
3. Using the right arrow key, set secure boot to disabled.
4. Next, go to the UEFI or Boot Menu and change the boot mode to Legacy BIOS.
5. Save all the changes by hitting F10 then exist Bios.

Solution 2: Change BIOS Boot Order [Recommended to Fix Start Pxe Over iPV4]

Change Bios boot order - How To Fix Start Pxe Over iPV4 in Windows 10

1. Restart your computer, then with your keyboard enter Bios.
2. Using the Up & Down keys, move the drive you intend to boot from to the top of the list.
3. Tap F10 to save changes then restart the PC with a new boot order.

Solution 3: Disable Wake on LAN BIOS

Disable wake on LAN - How To Fix Start Pxe Over iPV4 in Windows 10

1. Shut down the PC from Start Menu > Power icon > Shut down.
2. Turn on the PC and quickly enter BIOS by pressing the BIOS keys (you can find it at the boot screen, i.e. Press _ to enter Setup – usual BIOS keys are F1, F10, F12, Del, and Esc)
3. Usually, the “Wake on LAN” option is under the Power option, but most manufacturers put it somewhere else, the isn’t no unique way to find it.
4. When you find the “Wake-On-LAN” option, you change its value to [Disabled].
5. Now Exit and Save changes. The PC then boots, check if the error persists.

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Nobody prepares for an error; if you have experienced the Start pxe over iPV4 error, you should be able to solve this problem. The best solution here is to correct the boot order.

When the boot order has LAN first, this error is likely to occur. From the three solutions here, one must solve the issue. Thanks for visiting.

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