How To Factory Reset Windows 10 In 4 Easy Ways

How To Factory Reset Windows 10

How to factory reset Windows 10: Many times, our pc may develop a problem that we can’t rectify. It may come in the form of Sluggish operations, random errors, and many other ways. Factory Resetting your PC may be the way out.

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A situation may come up where you want to sell your system, or you want to get rid of your system or give it to a family, and you want your system to be useful as new, then this is for you.

How To Factory Reset Windows 10

You can factory reset your windows 10 in different ways; I’ll be showing you four different ways for you to carry out this operation.
1. Using The Built-In Reset Option
2. Using the Fresh Start Option
3. Using The Advanced Factory Reset Options
4. Resetting without logging in.

Let’s take them one after the other. I firmly insist you should backup, should in case of necessity.

Method 1. Factory Reset Windows 10 Using The Built-In Reset Option

Before the Windows 8 and above, Factory resetting was very annoying and stressful, but come Windows 8, Mr Bill Gates and his team of great engineers in Microsoft have made it quite easy and that feature extends to the Windows 10.

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Step 1: Click the Windows button on your keyboard and type ‘Settings‘.

Step 2: When the settings windows open, click on “Update & Security“.

Step 3: Click on “Recovery”. Look round your screen you should see a “Reset This Pc” header, click the “Get Started” button under it.

Step 4: Windows presents you with two options here “Reset or Refresh” this are two different things

How To Factory Reset Windows 10

The first option (Reset) you see there, sets your options back to the default state and removes all your installed apps (like browsers, Microsoft Office, and pc games), but it keeps your data.

As its name says, It removes everything, resets everything to factory defaults states and removes your files.

If you choose the “Remove Everything” option, Your PC will ask if you want to clean the whole drive or take away your files.

If you pick “Clean The Drive“, it will completely clean your drive and make it almost impossible to recover data from it. If you want the PC contents to be gone forever, then this option is for you.

If you choose the “Keep My Files” option, you’ll be shown a list of apps that the reset will remove.

Windows will save this to your desktop as a text file after the reset finishes so you can remember what you need to reinstall.

Step 5: Finally, confirm your operation by clicking “Reset” and wait for the whole process to complete.

If you’re factory resetting a laptop, I insist you make sure you plug it in to avoid losing power during the reset.

The steps that will follow are self-explanatory.

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Method 2. How To Reset Without Logging In

In a situation where you can’t log in to your PC account, Windows 10 has another way for you to reset it. The result is still the same as the first option.

You are to do this by Accessing the Advanced startup tool.
They are two ways to access the “Advanced startup tool“.

If on startup, you are unable to reach the windows login screen, then follow this instruction.

Step 1: Press your on-screen power button, and then while holding down the Shift key, press your restart button. Your PC will then reboot into the “Advanced startup tool“.

If the above method doesn’t work for you, you can do what Windows calls “Power-Cycling.”

This is carried out by powering up the computer and then holding down the power button to shut it down before it fully reboots.

Perform this process three times, and on the next startup, your computer will boot into the Advanced startup tool.

Step 2: You are to go to the reset tool. Choose Troubleshoot then Choose ‘Reset‘ (from the Advance Startup Tool)

Step 3: Click on “Remove everything” to REMOVE EVERYTHING or “Keep my files” just to reset your PC.

What follows is self-explanatory.

Method 3. How To Reset Your PC With The “Fresh Restart” Option

In Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft added this new option it calls “Fresh Restart”. It is similar to the first method but has a few different steps.

Step 1: Click your Windows key and type ‘Settings

Step 2: Click on ‘Update & Security” then click on “Recovery“.

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How To Factory Reset Windows 10
Source: Techradar

Step 3: Step 2 will lead you to a Windows Defender Security Center window to the Fresh Start option. Click Get started to proceed.

What sets aside Fresh Start from method one is

Fresh Start stores your files, with no option to remove them like method one.

Fresh Start will download the latest version of Windows 10(Like an upgrade), while the standard reset option(method one) uses the recovery information from your hard drive.

Fresh Start doesn’t permit clutter by removing all non-standard Windows applications, including your manufacturer’s bloatware. The standard reset option will only reinstall from the recovery set by your PC’s’s maker.

On like method 1, Fresh Start keeps “some Windows settings” but doesn’t specify which.

Method 4. Using The Advanced Factory Reset Options

The above three options work typically for many people; this method could be used if none works for you.

Step 1: We are working with the advanced Startup menu. You are to access this at Settings > Update & Security > Recovery under the Advanced startup section.

You can also type create a recovery drive into the Start menu to access a tool that lets you create your own

This option requires a fair bit of space on the drive, and you’ll have to do it before you run into any trouble.

Click This Link And Scroll Down For This Option.

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