How To Factory Reset Macbook Elegantly

How To Factory Reset Macbook

How To Factory Reset Macbook: Good day! What’s the occasion? Time to sell your MacBook? Have you encountered a problem that can’t be solved? Is the system taking its time to execute tasks?

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Whatever be the occasion, you are at the right. To factory reset MacBook as a problem solver is a last resort I’ll say, the good part of this is after you factory reset your Mac system,

Every problem seems to vanish. This HowTo9ja DIY will show you how to make your MacBook look new.

Before we divulge to the topic, let’s get this out, to be on the safe side, this tutorial will show you everything you need to know before you factory reset your system.

Including logging out of all your services, a proper way to backup your system to avoid unforeseen issues.

NOTE: I strongly advise you skim through the article before you start the processes.

How To Sign Out Of All iServices

It’s strongly advised that you de-authorize all iServices on your Mac. Including iCloud, iTunes, iMessage and every other account, you’ve synced to your Mac PC.

How To Logout Of iCloud

Step 1: From your menu bar, click on the Apple icon at the top-left corner of your Mac.

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Step 2: Select “System Preferences…

Step 3: Choose “iCloud“.

Step 4: Select “Sign Out“.


How To Logout Of iTunes

Step 1: Locate and open iTunes.

Step 2: From the top menu bar, click “Account“. A drop-down menu appears.

Step 3: Click on “Authorizations“.

Step 4: Select “De-authorize This Computer..“.

Step 5: In the text box provided, fill in your Apple ID and Apple Password.

Step 6: Click the “De-authorize” button.


How To Logout Of iMessage

Step 1: Using the keyboard shortcut, press cmd ⌘ + Space bar.

Step 2: In the box provided, type in “Message” then press Enter.

Step 3: Select “Preferences…“.

Step 4: Locate and select the iMessage tab.

Step 5: At the right-hand-side of your Apple ID is the “Sign Out” button, click this.

How To Backup Your MacBook Data

To be on the safe side, I suggest you backup your MacBook data. MacBook Pro users can work with the TimeMachine for this.

If you can’t find the TimeMachine, iCloud is another backup option, but for OS data backups and for internet data issues, TimeMachine will do just fine.

You need a had drive for this.

Step 1: Use the keyboard “Cmd ⌘ + Space” shortcut key to access the search box.

Step 2: Type in “Time Machine” and click Enter.

Step 3: Click the “Time Machine” tab.

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Step 4: Connect your external hard drive to your MacBook.

Step 5: From the TimeMachine interface, select “Back Up Now“.

Step 6: Select your Hard drive. (Allow the backup to run)

Step 7: Eject and disconnect your hard drive when done.

How To Factory Reset MacBook

These steps will work on any Mac computer.

Step 1: Turn off your MacBook, it’s advisable you charge the battery.

How to factory reset MacBook

Step 2: Hold down Command ⌘ + R on your keyboard while you turn on your Mac pc, i.e Power button then ⌘ + R.

How To Factory Reset Macbook
Via: WikiHow

The moment the Apple logo comes on, let go of all keys.

Step 3: You are prompted to choose a language, then continue.

Step 4: Click “Disk Utility“. From the Utility window, click View then click “Show All Devices“.

How to factory reset your Macbook - selecting Disc utility
Via: Wikihow

Step 5: Choose your startup disk, it is normally named “Macintosh HD“.

How To Factory Reset Macbook
Via: WikiHow

Step 6: From the sidebar/topbar, click “Erase“.

How To Factory Reset Macbook
Via: WikiHow

Step 8: From the drop-down menu, select “Mac Os Extended(Journaled)

How To Factory Reset Macbook
Via: WikiHow

If you wish to encrypt your disc, pick the “Journaled, Encrypted” option.

You’ll be asked to create a password.

Step 9: Select “Done” then exit the window.

How to factory reset macbook
via: Laptopmag

Reinstalling your Mac OS is not recommended(if you know what you are doing) but you can’t use the MacBook without this, these are the steps to reinstall it

How To Reinstall Mac OS

Step 10: Connect to the internet; From the top-right corner, connect to a Wi-Fi service.

Step 11: Select the “Reinstall MacOS” option from the main menu then Continue.

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Step 12: Select Continue. In the new pop-up that appears, choose “Continue“.

Step 13: After reading the software license agreement, click on “I Agree“.

Step 14: If prompted, choose your boot disk then select “Install“.

Step 15: The installation takes place. Your computer will keep restarting and coming on until it’s done.

plug your system in, relax, eat, go play games, get married, start a life, have children, before your fourth grandchild, it will have reinstalled. (JOKING 😉😉)


If you did reset macbook to solve a problem, you bow set it up like it’s a new PC

I hope I was able to help?

You’ve learned how to factory reset MacBook, check out other articles on HowTo9a.


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