How To Extract Text From Images For Social Media Posts


The image to text converter is software that allows the user to convert images to text. In the last six years, the photo to text converters have improved drastically and now provide very clear and understandable content for creating posts. As technology has improved the picture very much, the text converter is also getting better and better.

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With powerful software, they can now provide editable text in a matter of seconds. This is a new trend for text writing, and after it’s the conversion, you can edit it in Docx. Many platforms provide online OCR software.

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is used to convert PDF and images into editable and readable text. This quality makes them ideal as some PDF formats are not editable, and you have to rewrite them. This problem is solved in this software.

They can support any image format. This helps to get a job done without any Hassle of image conversion and then text conversion. They save the time of the user and can be used from any part of the world. The websites below are compelling in conversion and provide you with many benefits in your work.


This picture to text converter is ideal for both PDf, and word document conversion by image as MS Word is the best tool for editing the content and managing it according to your need. This conversion done by this website is highly compatible and can be used on both Windows and Mac.

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It also supports various mobile devices operating systems as well. The PDF conversion of this website is highly secured, and you can encrypt in the password for the sake of privacy.

In this way, no one can change the details of the article. This is highly preferred in legal lawsuits where details matter a lot. This is free online OCR, and you can compress it according to your need.


It is the best image to text converter. That converts your images text to a text file very efficiently within minutes. It supports many languages and is one of the best OCR tools as the count of them is above 20. It is also very easy to use even by new users.

You don’t need to register or sign up to use this site; it is a completely free and online tool to convert your pic to text. You can also convert pictures of scanned documents to text file very quickly and simply. It can also convert your image to the pdf file format. You can download the converted text to your computer directly, or you can open it to your browser.


Prepostseo is one of the most favorite tools of its users. It converts the image to text format for free. This tool is quite amazing among these as it saves your money and time. You can directly upload your image or paste your copied image, or you can also insert the URL of your image, and your free editable text will be created in minutes.

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You can upload unlimited pictures without worrying about security. Because using this site, your images will be 100% save and secure. Moreover, once your file is converted, all your data is deleted from the server by their advanced technology so now you can upload your important data images and convert them to text format without any worries.


Convertio is ideal for converting your images text or scanned documents to text format, pdf or excel. You can use this tool for free and online. You don’t need to register or sign up to use this OCR. It gives you an option to sign up if you are serious about it you can make an account and use it for free.

You can convert a file using your dropbox, google drive, URL or choose a file using your computer. You can also select additional languages instead of English. It gives a very simple option to download your text. You need to click the recognize button, and your text will be automatically downloaded to your computer.


Online2pdf easily converts a jpg to word, excel or PowerPoint. It is very easy to use, and it is a completely free tool. It is used worldwide and is loved by its users.

This site gives you complete security as your connection is also encrypted. It can be used online without any sign-ups or registration.

You can use it for free without providing your personal information anywhere. You can add a picture of 100mb in size. You can also add a password to your pdf file using this free online OCR.

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It converts your file within minutes, and after conversion, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. If you want it outside of the online world then you can download it on your PC.


These image to text converters help the user to get editable text putting their required demands in settings. They support many formats like SWF and PowerPoints slides into editable PDF or HTML.

They also convert PDF into HTML documents that are scraped from MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. They also help in bulk image conversion, and you can use scanned documents for the conversion.

The image to text converter uses modern and powerful online OCR technology that supports various languages. It can be secured by watermarking the document, or you can secure it by a password as some people want the content and don’t want to pay for it.

So, these people can be avoided using this software. You can also change the text layout and can manage it according to your requirement. The photo to text converters are very accurate and reduce the chance of broken words for the text as the world is moving from paper book to digital format.

The online OCR are always in great need acting as a problem solver for the paper-based and digital world.  There are also apps of these OCRs for the convenience of mobile usage as well as usage on PC.

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