How To Download YouTube Videos With Snappea

Download YouTube Videos With Snappea

Download YouTube Videos With Snappea: YouTube is an integral part of the internet today. It has just so many statistics to back up that claim.

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First, it is the second biggest site on earth after Google. It has about 2 billion monthly logged-in users and over 30 million users daily.

You probably are among these 30 million users who actively or not actively use YouTube. You may be aware by now; you can’t download YouTube videos to your phone directly. Although the app offers a download feature, this feature is still limited.

How the YouTube download feature works is, you download the video to your YouTube app only and can access it when offline. You can’t also move the video to any other device or access it via your media player.

This feature may be okay for most people; others prefer having the video in their devices. If you belong to the later, this article is for you.

What Is Snappea?

Snappea is an online download tool that aids you to download videos from YouTube and over 100 other sites to your device. It is available for any Operating System and will give the best video quality possible.

Is Snappea an App?

The most straightforward answer to that is No! However, Android users only have the app version of Snappea; its app version has so many features and is best recommended for Android users. The name of it’s Android version is Snaptube, see more about it here. 

What Is The Difference Between Snappea and Snaptube?

Snappea is an online tool that can be accessed via your web browser, and it is available for all operating systems.

Snaptube, on the other hand, is an Android app that features as a browser and a downloader.

On Snappea, you can download videos from YouTube and over100 other sites. This feature is on with Snaptube too. Both tools allow you download videos across multiple platforms.

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Snappea offers a few video formats, for example, Mp4, HD, etc.; this is okay for most users. Snaptube, on the other hand, offers you videos in different resolutions, and you can convert videos to audios with Snaptube and download them at different bitrates.

Snappea is only an online tool, while Snaptube is both an online downloader and a full fletched browser.

How To Download YouTube Videos On Mobile Devices

  1. Open YouTube and copy the video link; Click on share then select Copy link.
  2. Open your device’s browser and enter the Snappea official website.
  3. A text box is visible there, paste the URL you copied and click Ok. Download YouTube Videos With Snappea
  4. In the next window, select the video format you want and click the Download button below.Download YouTube Videos With Snappea

Alternatively, you can visit Snappea and search for the video itself by typing in the Keywords.

When you find the video, click on it, and follow all on-screen instructions.

How To Download YouTube Videos On Desktop Computers

  1. Visit YouTube on your browser and search for the video.
  2. Copy the link from the address bar.
  3. Open the Snappea site and paste the copied link in the address bar then tap Enter on your keyboard.
  4. Select the Download button to complete the download.
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Snappea will do just fine if you plan on searching for and downloading videos online. It will work perfectly on any operating system. This tool is convenient and easy to use.

The Snaptube app is often the recommended version for Android users and features as both a video/music downloader and a mobile browser. Users can download the Snaptube app from the Snappea website. Thank you for reading.

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