How To Download YouTube Videos

How to download from youtube

How To Download YouTube Videos: I was precise with the ‘Video’ in the topic because you can also download audios from YouTube or rather convert YouTube videos to audio, but let’s focus on this one.

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Now when I say ‘How To Download YouTube Videos‘ I don’t mean the regular downloading of videos to the YouTube app, I mean being able

to download the videos to your local storage aka your device for not just offline use but for the ability to share with another device.

Three Ways To Download YouTube Videos

I’ll be showing you three ways to go about this, the first two are applicable to any device i.e your phone or your pc

1. Using The ‘SS’ In URL Method

Step 1: Open/Start playing the YouTube video (either on the app or in your PC’s browser)

Step 2: Click on the ‘Share‘ option.

Download YouTube Videos

Step 3: Copy URL.

Copy url

Step 4: Paste the link on your browser URL bar(preferable chrome browser)

Step 5: Edit the URL link,

For Desktop Browsers: Initially, the link may look like this ( when you paste it on your browser it may look like this ( Here you now edit the YouTube link on your address bar, you erase from the dot(.) in front of the ‘y’ in YouTube, erase and the ‘www’ and add ‘ss’ in front of the youtube.

For Mobile Browsers: on your mobile, after you paste the youtube link, it looks like this (…), you now clean the ‘dot’ and ‘m’ and replace with ‘ss’ (don’t include the quotations). the new link now looks like this

(…) Click Enter or Goss in youtube video link

Step 6: Locate the download button, you may choose the video features you want and download there

NOTE: This method should work for about 7 out of 10 videos you try to download, take note that some accounts lock the videos they upload…. don’t worry, there’s a way out.

2. Pasting YouTube links to online tools

This method is more straightforward, all you have to do is copy the youtube link(go up to see how to copy youtube link)

Step 1: Copy YouTube link

Step 2: Open any of these links

Step 3: Paste the YouTube link you copied here! These sites offer you a box where you can paste the YouTube link you copied.

Step 4: Locate the download link and download your YouTube video

Note: This method should download about 7 out of 10 videos…..

3. Using Vidmate *winks

As at the time of writing this article, it worked for me unless they’ve changed, Vidmate is an app that can be accessed on your mobile or pc,

it work is to download videos so yes it comes in handy, and vidmate can download almost all youtube videos restricted or not.

Step 1: Download and Install Vidmate to your PC and/or your android.

  • Vidmate For Android Link
  • Vidmate For PC Link

Step 2: Open the youtube video you have in mind

Step 3: Click on the share button, many options should show.

Step 4: Locate the vidmate logo and click it (It should have a big V on it, see the image below)

Vidmate logo or image

Step 5: Wait for it to load.

Step 6: Locate the download button at the lower right-hand cornerDownloading youtube videos on vidmate

Step 7: Choose the video quality then click on download.Choosing video quality before video download

Step 8: Allow Vidmate to do its thing, then locate the video file in your video folder.

Note: VIDMATE is my ideal way to Download YouTube Videos, with this app,  I have successfully downloaded 9 out of 10 YouTube videos …Alternatively, you can use Ytoffline’s Youtube saver, which is also a nice option. 

Disclaimer: Sincerely speaking, I have no idea if downloading videos from youtube is legal… But, this are the methods I use. 

I hope I was able to help, how about you share?


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