How To Download Videos And Music Across Multiple Sites With Snaptube App

Download Videos With Snaptube

Download Videos With Snaptube: A survey carried out in 2018 reported that about 85% of internet users in the U.S watched videos online, and 62% of said users watch via mobile devices.

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Another stats reports that people spend over 18 hours a week listening to music. The consumption of video and music is essential in our daily lives.

Download Videos With Snaptube

We often come across videos and music that we will love to have offline. It may be from social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Or from video services like YouTube and Vimeo.

Whichever means you access these digital content, this article will show you how to download videos and music on different platforms using Snaptube App.

What Is Snaptube App?

Snaptube is an Android application that allows users to watch, listen, and download any music or video and access it offline. It doesn’t function as a downloader alone but as a  browser too. Users can access websites on Snaptube also.

Snaptube will work effectively on both Android phones and tablets and is accessible in any region.

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Key Features of Snaptube App

  1. It is easy to use – It has an easy to navigate interface.
  2. You can download videos and music across over 50 sites like Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, WhatsApp, Tiktok, MetaCafe, 4shared, Vimeo, Funnyordie, etc. Download Videos With Snaptube
  3. It is free and offers free download.
  4. It doesn’t pose any security threat.
  5. Snaptube treats your privacy in confidentiality.
  6. You can download movies across different languages.
  7. You can convert videos to mp3.
  8. It offers videos in different resolutions like 2k HD, 4k HD, HD, etc.
  9. You can also download audios with different Bitrates.
  10. Download in batch.Download Videos With Snaptube
  11. Can watch videos with its Floating players Download Videos With Snaptube
  12. Offers a Night mode featureDownload Videos With Snaptube

Its features are mind-blowing and should be experienced by you to confirm it.

Is Snaptube Available For Only Android?

The most straightforward answer is Yes! The Snaptube app can be accessed on Android only. However, it offers a browser version, which can be used across different OS like Linux, Windows, and macOS. Its browser version will also suffice for iOS users, more details here.

How Do I Download Snaptube App?

Snaptube isn’t available on the Google Play store now, so you will need to set little settings to permit your Android to download it.  Note, these settings apply when you haven’t installed an app from any other source than Google Play store.

  1. From your app list, go to your Android Settings. Download Videos With Snaptube
  2. Scroll down and select Security.
  3. Locate the “Allow apps from Unknown sources” option toggle On the switch. How To Download Videos And Music Across Multiple Sites With Snaptube App » Snaptube, Snaptube App
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These steps may vary for some Android devices.

Now, to the real download.

  1. Visit the Snaptube App official website then click the Download button – this isn’t hard to find.
  2. Android prompts you to confirm the download with a warning message. Click on Ok.

Note: over two security companies have verified Snaptube’s security.

  1. Go to your download list and tap the installation file, install it, and launch Snaptube.

How To Download YouTube Videos On Snaptube

  1. Open Snaptube.
  2. Select the For You
  3. Tap on YouTube.
  4. You can sign in or type the YouTube video you intend to download.
  5. Select the video, a download button shows at the lower right-hand side of your screen, tap on it. Download Videos With Snaptube
  6. Go to the video section and select any resolution you want.
  7. Click the download button at the top right of your screen to watch the download process it’s progress.

Converting videos to audio on Snaptube follows the same procedure, just that you’ll select a music bit rate in Step 6.Download Videos With Snaptube

How To Download Facebook On Snaptube

  1. Open Snaptube.
  2. Tap the For You
  3. Select Facebook – sign in.
  4. Search for the video and download it.

The same procedures apply when downloading Instagram videos and

How To Download Videos Without Logging In With Snaptube

So many users may prefer accessing their social media profiles from its native apps itself instead of using a third-party app like Snaptube.

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You can still download videos from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many other social services with ease without having to log in with Snaptube.

  1. Open your social media, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other sites.
  2. Click on the Videos you wish to download.
  3. Click on Share.
  4. Select Snaptube from the list of options that show.
  5. Select the download format and allow Snaptube to download it.

How To Browse With Snaptube

  1. Open Snaptube
  2. Tap the search bar at the top and type in any URL.
  3. Click Ok on your keypad and surf the net.


Snaptube is made up of multiple tools in one; it serves as both a Downloader and a Browser. With Snaptube, you can download videos and music files across over 50 sites easily. In this article, we showed you how to go about that. Thanks for reading.

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