How to Download Snapchat Stories, Photos and Videos

How to Download Snapchat Stories

How to Download Snapchat Stories: It happens to us all, You come accross a story, a picture or a video and you’ll love to have it in your phone’s storage

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and you thought to yourself, how can I go about this? well fear not I’ll try to give a solution to both Android and IOS users.

A Little Details On SnapChat

Snapchat is currently rated as the most popular messaging app among teens. The popularity of Snapchat isn’t a random luck. It’s a very unique application that automatically vanishes snaps after a particular amount of time.

You can send a photo, video or text on Snapchat and the message will be completely wiped off after sometime or after the receiver has viewed it.

How to Download Snapchat Stories

First I’ll be showing you how to get stories, pictures etc etc on IOS then I’ll show you how to on Android.

How to Download Snapchat Stories On iPhone

Step 1.

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Download and install iOS Screen Recorder app on your IOS device.

Step 2. 

Then it will prompt you to trust the enterprise distributor on your iPhone. See instructions below

Step 2. Then it will ask you to trust the enterprise distributor on your iPhone. Just follow the gif below to do it.

Step 3.

After iOS Screen Recorder app is installed properly. Open the app, and we can customize the recording settings, such as video resolution and audio source,etc.

Step 4.

Then press Next to start recording your iPhone screen. When iOS Screen Recorder minimize the window, open Snapchat and start play the video/story you want to save.

Step 5.

When the video is done playing, tap on the red bar at the top of your iPhone. Then the recording will end and the recorded video will be saved to the camera roll.

How to Download Snapchat Stories On Android

The other method that you will have gotten to run this trick hasn’t been updated since 2015, tat’s some risky stuff, anyways the only option I can suggest is the same with the IOS above.

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Step 1.

Download and install the Az Screeen Recorder by clicking here

Step 2.

The app doesn’t have any interface, just a floating camera

Step 3.

Click the floating camera which is always at the edge of your phone’s screen

Step 4.

Now head to where the video is, you must have touched the floating camera by now, if you haven’t, you should then click on the recording pics you see, it should look like a big video cam.

Step 5.

The’ll be a prompt it you should start recording(The app starts recording anything on screen the moment you allow it)

Step 6.

Go to your video gallery to watch it.

Hope you succeeded?

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