How To Use Different Service Codes On MTN, Glo, 9 Mobile & Airtel

How To Use Different Service Codes On MTN,  Glo, 9 Mobile & Airtel

How To Use Different Service Codes: Good day!  This post introduces you to different service codes for your Nigerian mobile Sim.

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We have codes for recharging your MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9 Mobile sims. How to contact these service providers customer care.

How to check your data balance, how to check your airtime balance, ways to contact customer care and check your sim’s tariff plan.

They are a more in-depth post for some sections here, follow any of this links below.

Various Airtel Service Codes

Airtel is an Indian company, it stands for Bharti Airtel Limited which is a global telecommunications services situated in New Delhi, India.

  1. To load recharge card on Airtel simply dial *126* recharge pin # e.g *126* 1234567890123456# Note: They are 16 digits in every Airtel recharge card.
  2. To check your credit balance or how much is left of your Airtel card, dial *123# and wait for SMS or it will be displayed immediately. This code isn’t used to check your Airtel bonus.
  3. To contact Airtel customer care, dial 111 or 121. Follow listen to the options given and act the way you want.
  4. To check your Airtel Data Balance, simply dial *140# or *141*6#. An SMS will be sent to you containing your data balance.
  5. To buy data from Airtel,  dial #141# then choose your preferred date.

Various Glo Service Codes

Glo is a Private Nigerian company, founded and owned by the Nigerian business billionaire Mike Adenuga. It has over 3k employees. Glo stands for Global Communications Ltd. – Wiki

  1. To load credit on Glo, simply dial *123* Recharge PIN # e.g *123*123456789098765#. They are always 15 numbers on a Glo recharge card.
  2. To check your Glo credit balance, simply dial #124# then reply with 1 or simply dial #124*1#.
  3. To check your data balance, simply dial *127*0# or dial *777# reply with “1” then reply with “5”.
  4. To buy data on Glo, dial *777# then choose your option, by replying with the number appending it(Number before your option)
  5. To contact Glo customer care, simply dial 125.

Different MTN Service Codes

MTN is a South African Company, it is the 8th biggest Network company on earth and the 1st in Nigeria. One-third of its income comes from Nigeria. MTN is in 20 locations around Africa. It has about 17k employees.

MTN stands for Mobile Telephone Network and the company was formerly known as M-cell. – Wiki

  1. To load MTN recharge card dial *555*Recharge PIN#. E.g *555*12345678909876543#. They are 17 digits on MTN recharge card, MTN recently moved from 16 – 17.
  2. To check your recharge balance simply dial *556#
  3. To contact MTN customer care, simply dial 180. Follow the instructions given there.
  4. To purchase data on MTN simply dial *131# then choose your data price, by replying with the number appended in front of the data price you want.
  5. To check your MTN data balance simply dial *559# OR text 403 to 131.

Different 9Mobile(Etisalat) Service Codes

9Mobile, formerly known as Etisalat. Most of its service codes from the Etisalat days haven’t changed.

Etisalat was initially a UAE(United Arab Emirates) company. 9Mobile is currently owned and based in Nigeria.

Etisalat was a short form for “Emirates Institute for Communications”. Etisalat also means communication in Arabic

9 Mobile is a Nigerian private Limited Liability Company. They choose to use their company’s name for the network brand. – Source

  1. To load recharge card on 9Mobile, simply dial *222*Recharge Pin# e.g *222*123456789098765#. 9Mobile recharge card has a total of 15 digits.
  2. To check your 9mobile airtime balance, simply dial *232#. If this doesn’t work, try *228#.
  3. To contact 9Mobile customer care, simply dial 200 and click on the options you want with the use of your keyboard.
  4. To purchase data on 9mobile, simply dial *229# and choose your options. 9mobile also make it possible for you to dial the exact data you want by annexing the data number after the “9”. I suggest you dial *229# and choose your preferred data option.
  5. To check your 9Mobile data balance, simply dial *228#

I hope I was able to help?

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