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How To Delete Photos From iPhone: Hey, good day, I hope you are okay? Without much ado, I’ll be showing you How to delete iPhone photos so to free up your space.

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Apple keeps making upgrades so to beat any possible competition and to meet its customers satisfaction. The more the upgrades the more the complexity, this particular tutorial focuses on the iOS 12 upgrades/interface and above.

It helps you know How To go about this, based on the fact that deleting photos on other iOS versions use to be very straightforward as compared to now.

How To Delete Photos From iPhone Using Your Camera Roll

They are two methods I’ll be teaching you that you can use in doing this, you can do this with both your iPhone and also your Mac PC.

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Step 1: The first thing you need to do is go into your camera roll so you need to tap on your photos

Step 2: Select the album’s option at the bottom of the screen, you’ll probably notice there’ll be a number of different albums available, depending on the apps that you’ve installed in your iPhone, but one of them is going to be your camera roll so we’re going to tap on that one and that one’s going to contain all of the photos and videos that you’ve taken.

Step 3: Once we’ve tapped on that, tap on ‘select’ at the top of the screen, scroll down to the very bottom of the screen, tap on the last photo and then tap on the photo to the left of that photo and then drag your finger across the screen and up and keep swiping

up without letting go until you get to the top of the list of photos and you’ll notice that all photos will be selected with a blue tick. If your photos are too much, while doing the ‘drag up’ you can stop at any point, then delete the few you have selected.

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How To Delete Photos From iPhone(iOS 12  data-src=

Step 4: Go ahead and delete them and that will delete that last chunk of photos that you selected to go ahead and repeat the process until all of your photos are deleted

Note: I’ll suggest you do a backup of all your photos before deleting them off your iPhone.
Some people will have an iCloud backup already enabled others won’t but just to be sure
if you’ve got a Mac os10 computer to connect your iPhone to the computer launch iTunes and generate a backup of your phone before going ahead with this tutorial
To be on the safe side before you Delete Photos From iPhone, use this link to see how to back up your photos on your Mac OS.

Watch How To Delete iPhone Photos Here(Video)

How To Use A Mac To Delete All Photos On iPhone

I presume you are a strong Apple fan, you own a Mac computer and you’ll prefer deleting your iPhone photos with the Mac.

You could also Delete Photos From iPhone with your Mac pc, As compared to the first method above this will save you the stress of having to drag your finger across the screen most especially when you have many photos.

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Note that, if your Mac is connected to your iPhone’s iCloud, then you should be aware that deleting from your mac is deleting from all… No backup at all.

Step 1: Navigate to the Photos app on your Mac Pc, click any photo.
Then press ‘Command‘ and ‘A‘ shortcut to select all.

Step 2: Then press your backspace key, and they’re sent to your ‘Recently Deleted‘ section on the left side of the photos app.

Step 3: You then need to click on ‘Recently Deleted’, select the photos again by pressing ‘command‘ + ‘A‘ and then permanently delete them.

Hope I was able to help you?

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