How To Delete Facebook Account

How To Delete Facebook Account

eHow To Delete Facebook Account: Sometimes, we act on immediate impulse, and make decisions we wouldn’t have made if we were calm, you got pissed off by one of your Facebook friends

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And this makes you Google “how to delete the Facebook account permanently” forgetting how much years and chats you have there.

It could also be that you are tired of constant status updates and picture updates from old friends, they’ve been doing this for a while now, and they seem dull.

It could be because you are tired of the whole Social Media madness and feel taking a break. They are countless reasons to pull the plug on your Facebook account.

On the professional part of it, you are concerned about your online privacy safety since the internet has so much of our private data than we can imagine.

Let’s not forget how many times Facebook has been probed by the UK and US government for the bridge of Privacy issues; I mean the famous Cambridge Analytica story.

How To Delete Account From Facebook

We will show you a way to DEACTIVATE your Facebook account temporarily; this will be of great need to you if you are tackling the “Impulse” issue.

We’ll also show you how to delete your Facebook account both on your PC and on your Mobile device.

The conventional way, of deleting your Facebook account permanently is with your Computer; this is quite different from deleting a Facebook Page.

We have devised a means to help you do this with your Mobile device. (Thou, it’s quite easy to delete with the latest Facebook application)

Still, on the Cambridge Analytica issue, you may encounter a “Wrong Password” problem when you try to delete your Facebook account, we have laid down steps to tackle this issue also.

This is the best “how to: Facebook deletes” article on the internet.

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account

I’ll call this a Temporal Delete. What this does is to send your Facebook account offline for a while. Deactivating a Facebook account means it can be Reactivated anytime but during the

Deactivation period, people wouldn’t be able to see your Facebook Timeline, they’ll be unable to search for your account, Information like private messages you’ve sent,

your interest and pages you like etc. will still be in the Facebook database.

Steps To Deactivate Your Facebook Account(iPhone & iPad)

Step 1: From your App tray, locate and open your Facebook App.

Step 2: Open the “Options” menu. It is mainly at the lower right side of your screen. It looks like three horizontal lines .

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Step 3: Locate and tap on the “Settings” option. You might have to scroll down to find this.

Step 4: Two options come up “Account Settings” & “Chat Settings“. Tap on “Account Settings“.

Step 5: Select “General” settings at the top of the screen.

Step 6: Select “Manage Account“.

Step 7: The “Deactivate” option should be available, choose it.

Step 8: In the box given, enter your Account’s Password.

Step 9: Tap “Continue” and confirm the account deactivation.

(Most times, Facebook will ask for a reason, choose any reason there,  it is optional)

Note: If you change your mind and decide to join the Facebook community again, simply get the Facebook app and log in.

Steps To Deactivate Facebook Account on Android

Step 1: Open your Facebook app from your App menu.

Step 2: Tap on the options menu. It is mostly at the top right of your screen. It is represented with three horizontal lines .

Step 3: Tap on “Account Settings“; It is under “Help & Settings” option.

Step 4: A menu opens, tab “General“.

Step 5: Scroll down and select “Manage Account“.

Step 6: The “Deactivate” options should be available. Select it.

Step 7: Enter your password in the box provided.

Step 8: Select a reason for Deactivating your account then click on “Deactivate” at the lower right side.

Steps To Deactivate Facebook Account On PC Web Browser

Using your Computer’s browser, you can also deactivate your Facebook account.

Step 1: On your web browser, open (Facebook site)

How To Delete Facebook Account- Deactivate my fb account

Step 2: At the top right corner of your screen, tap on the down arrow, it looks like this 🔽. A drop-down menu shows.

How To Delete Facebook Account - Deactivate

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select “Settings“.

Step 4: On the page that opens, locate the “Manage Account” section, click on “Edit” at the far right.

How To Delete Facebook Account

Step 5: Scroll down to the “Deactivate” section and click on the “Deactivate” link.

How To Delete Facebook Account

Step 6: In the box provided, fill in your password. (If asked)

Step 7: Give Facebook the reason for deactivating your account and click “Deactivate“.

How To Delete Facebook Account

How To Download Your Facebook Data

O yeah!  I know this may not be what you are here for, but I’ll love you to be on the safer side, this section will show you how

to download your Facebook Account Data for future use before the steps to Delete Facebook Account.

You may need this data later; it is merely an offline copy of your Facebook records. If you eventually delete your Facebook account, the data goes,

Keeping it somewhere SAFE is a good idea. It may come in handy.

Steps To Download Your Facebook Data From The Mobile App

Step 1: Launch your Facebook mobile app.

Step 2: Tap the “Menu” options. It is the three horizontal lines . It may be at the top right, or lower left a corner of your device.

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Step 3: Locate and select the “Settings & Privacy” option.

Step 4: From the drop-down menu, scroll and select “Download Your Information“.

Step 5: By default, all the options are “checked“. Deselect the options you don’t want. The more the options, the larger the data size.

Step 6: Tap the “Create File” button at the screen bottom.

Once Facebook finishes compiling your data, an email will be sent to you. Head back to the download options, and you will be able to download it.

General Steps To Download Your Facebook Data(Pc & Mobile)

This is a general method to download your Facebook data.

Step 1: On your device browser, follow this link

Step 2: You may be asked to log in to your desired Facebook account.

Step 3: Scroll down then select “Download A Copy Of Your FacebookHow To Delete Facebook Account

Step 4: Tap on “Start My Archive” or “Download My Archive“.

Step 5: If prompted, enter your Facebook password.

Step 6: Click on the “Download my archive” and give Facebook time to compile it.

Facebook should give you a window to choose what you’ll want to download.

Facebook then generates a personal archive of your Facebook account. Facebook will then notify you when it is done compiling.

The download button may be sent to your email, or you’ll have to go back to the download page. Take these steps before you Delete Facebook Account(the).

How To Delete Facebook Account PERMANENTLY

I guess you aren’t here for “Deactivating“, you want to demolish your Facebook account. Below are a few things you should know about Facebook account delete.

  1. Facebook delays complete deletion of account for 14 days. During these 14 days, your account will be lowkey waiting for you. There’s no way to hasten this 14 days(I’ll keep digging)
  2. If you log in during these 14 days of grace, the deletion will be cancelled.
  3. When you delete your Facebook account, you have completely no access to the account again, because it doesn’t exist anymore.
  4. It may take up to 90 days for your data in Facebook backup drives to go.
  5. Your info wouldn’t be accessible during these 90 days(Or so does Facebook say)
  6. Your messages aren’t stored in your Facebook account so that they MAY remain active after complete deletion.
  7. Your Facebook account log files may remain on Facebook’s database.

I will call Facebook deletion, the elder brother to Deactivation. Deleting your Facebook account is bold most especially an account that has been on for a while

Social media is an integral part of society today; it could determine your future jobs, friendships, social opportunities,

etc., if your reason here is Privacy, they are many ways to Secure your Facebook privacy, its a better option better than to just Delete Facebook Account.

To be on the safer side, I’ll advise you to download your Facebook data, go above to find out how to download your Facebook data.

Steps To Delete Facebook Account With Android

If you are using the latest Facebook application, these instructions are for you. I presume you have your Facebook account details. Follow these steps to Delete Facebook Account.

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Step 1: Open your Facebook app.

Step 2: Open the “Menu” options. Three horizontal lines represent it .

Step 3: Scroll down and select “Settings & Privacy“.

Step 4: From the drop-down menu, tap “Account Ownership And Control“.

Step 5: Tap on the “Deactivation and Deletion” option.

Step 6: Pick the “Delete Account” and tap on “Continue To Account Deletion“. If prompted input your password.

How To Delete Facebook Account

Step 7: On the next page, click “Delete“.

General Steps To Delete Facebook Account(Pc & Mobile)

This step is mainly for your Computer web browser. Now, if you are using a mobile phone, there’s a way around this

How To Convert Mobile Browser To Desktop View

Very few people know this. Follow these steps. You need these instructions before you Delete Facebook Account.
-> Open your CHROME browser
-> Login to your Facebook account, by typing in and filling your login details.
-> At the top-right part of your screen, click on the options menu(three horizontal dots) ⋮
-> You may have to scroll down, then tick the box next to “Desktop View.”
-> Go to your address bar, it will look like ““, replace them. With web., making it look like “”
– > Click on enter.

Note, the steps below must be carried out in this tab.

Step 1: Sign in to your Facebook account. (if already signed, skip this)

Step 2: Open this link in your browser “ ” you either type it in or open it from here(WITHOUT THE QUOTES 🙄) Then hit the “Enter” or “Go” button.

How To Delete Facebook Account

Step 3: In the window given, locate and click “Delete My Account“. When you click this, a pop-up window opens.

Step 4: Enter your password in the box given.

Step 5: Solve the captcha code. The captcha code is a kind of security measure. All you have to do here is type the characters given in the box provided. Captcha varies. Text captcha is case sensitive. Click the ♻️ button to refresh it if you cant solve it.

How to Delete Facebook Account

Step 6: Click “Ok” to submit your Captcha code. If it’s correct, another window opens, if not, you’ll be given another captcha to solve.

Step 7: At the bottom of the new window is the delete button. Click it.

If you encounter any problem, ask questions in the comment section.


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