How To Delete A Twitter Account

How to delete a twitter account: Hello dear 🙋, Twitter is my second best Social Media application. Quora comes first thou, but one thing about having a “Favorite” is that one day, you’ll get tired of using it.

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Many reasons may make you want to Delete your Twitter account. You may be tired of the dramas always repeating itself, maybe it consumes your mobile data,

It’s a distraction to your moral life, you are getting really addicted, they are just so many reasons to pull the plug on your twitter account.

Often than not, these reasons are driven by a sudden impulse, impulses you may regret later.  Trust me, you aren’t willing to lose your 5k followers then have to start again.

I almost deleted my Twitter account due to poor conversion rate, like WTF!! is wrong with a Twitter algorithm, I make a tweet using the hottest hashtag

And I gain no tweets, but well I didn’t, I ain’t ready to hustle 5k followers again. The whole of this epistle is for this one thing. Twitter is quite aware of this impulses or rash decisions

So, the isn’t any official button to delete your Twitter account. What rather happens is a 30 days deactivation, if, by the 30th Day, you aren’t going back on your words, they account will be completely deleted,

On like Facebook who gives you a 14-day grace. Without further ado, this is how to permanently delete your Twitter account or should I say the first step to delete a Twitter account.

What You Should Know Before You Delete A Twitter Account

Twitter has the below things to let you know before you delete a twitter account.

  • If your reason for deactivating your account is a change of Email issue, Twitter says, you don’t have to deactivate your account before you change the email. I’ll show you how-to below.
  • Search engines are spiders who cling to almost anything on the internet, and yes!  Twitter is one of those clingy things. Search engines like Google, Bing, etc store your Twitter profile in their search index, deactivating/deleting your Twitter account MIGHT not be noticed by this Spiders. The point here is, your data might still be on this engines database.
  • When you delete or deactivate your Twitter account, your display name, username and public profile picture will not be available in any of Twitter services again, this takes effect from the deactivating period till the 30 days elapses.
  • During the “30 Days Of Grace”, Twitter will give you the opportunity to restore or reactivate your soon to be deleted account.

How To Change Your Twitter Username And Email

Before I show you how to delete a Twitter account, let me throw in something. If you delete or deactivate your Twitter account

You’ll not be able to use that particular Email or Username on the soon to be deactivated account to register another Twitter account.

The option you have here is to Delete or Edit your current Twitter username and/or email.

Note: This can only be done using your PC web browser. There’s a “Desktop view” option that chrome mobile browser offers, it won’t work with Twitter.

The only option that worked for me was
-> “Download the Puffin” mobile browser.
– > Launch the browser after installing.
– > From the options menu at the top right, toggle on the “Desktop View”

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I actually used Puffin browser for this DIY, it works perfectly well like using a Computer browser.

Steps To Change Twitter Username and/or Email

Step 1: On your web browser(Puffin browser for mobile users) type in the twitter official site

Step 2: If not logged in already, login in the boxes provided.

Step 3: At the top-right part of your screen, is your profile ‘avatar‘,  click on it.

How to delete a twitter account

Step 4: A drop-down-menu opens, locate and select “Settings and Privacy” it is usually towards the end.

How to delete a twitter account

Step 5: Change:

How to delete a twitter account

  • Username: Click on the username option, and edit the username to a dispensable one. How to delete a twitter account
  • Phone Number: You should also change your phone number. How to delete a twitter account - changing your phone number on Twitter
  • Email: This is paramount too, change your email here too.  How to delete a twitter account - changing your twitter username

Step 6: Confirm the email, number or username change.

  • Twitter may send you a verification email, follow the instructions in it.
  • Twitter may also send a verification code to your new phone number.

How To Delete A Twitter Account With The Android Or iOS App(iPhone & iPad)

These instructions apply to both Twitter App and Twitter Lite. The same instructions will work on your Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for iPad also.

Step 1: I presume you’ve already logged in with the mobile app.

If your android app has more than one Twitter account, switch to the account you wish to delete.

Step 2: Select the navigation menu. It is normally at the top-left part of your screen. Mostly represented with or your profile picture.

How to delete a twitter account from an android or iOS mobile app

Step 3: Scroll down then select “Settings and Privacy“.

How to delete a twitter account from an android or iOS mobile app

Step 4: Tap the “Account” option.

How to delete a twitter account from an android or iOS mobile app

Step 5: At the bottom of your screen is the “Deactivate” button, select it.

How to delete a twitter account from an android or iOS mobile app

Step 6: Twitter intimates you about the “Deactivation” terms, I addressed that up there,  still read it thou, the may be something new.

Step 7: After reading, tap on “Deactivate“.

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Step 8: In the confirmation box provided, fill in your Twitter password.

Step 9: Proceed by tapping “Yes, Deactivate“.

How To Delete Twitter Account From Your PC(Windows & Mac)

With your PC you can also delete your twitter account.

Step 1: Log-in to your Twitter account.

Step 2: Follow this link to access your Twitter settings.


Click on your profile picture, its mostly at the top-right section of your screen, from the drop-down menu, select the “Settings and Privacy” option.

How to delete a twitter account

Step 3: Select the “Account” option.

Step 4: Go down then select the “Deactivate your account” option.

How to delete a twitter account - Deactivate button from twitter for desktop

Step 5: Read the terms and conditions involved in “Deleting your Twitter account“.

Step 6: After reading, click on “Deactivate @username“.

Step 7: Enter your password in the box provided.

Step 8: Confirm the action by clicking “Ok“.

Note: It takes 30 days for your Twitter account to be completely deleted, during that 30 days, your account will just be deactivated and you can reactivate it by login in.

You’ve learned how to delete a Twitter account, check out this other article.


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