How To Delete A Sent Facebook Message In 4 Steps

How To Delete A Sent Facebook Message

How To Delete A Sent Facebook Message: The long-awaited feature is out, I first came across this feature on Telegram, then months later WhatsApp rolled this feature out.

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If you’ve ever wondered if you could unsend* a Facebook message from the messenger, then I proudly say to you that it is very possible.

To be able to delete Facebook messages from both sides 2018 you must be chatting with your messenger or pc browser and the message must have been sent within 1 – 10 minutes

That is to say, Facebook allows you to delete messages barely 10 minutes after sending it, I pray the person hasn’t read the message already.

So, you’ve just sent a message to someone and you regret sending the message, maybe it was a wrong receiver or the message was as a result of a random impulse

Or probably the message contains some spelling errors, then follow these steps below.

How To Delete A Sent Facebook Message Using Messenger

Step 1: Lets assume you are in the chat window already, and you just sent a message and you want it out -> Long-press on the message (Sent 9 minutes ago) See,


How To Delete A Sent Facebook Message

if this message you sent contains an error, I’ll advise you copy it, delete for everyone then edit the errors then paste it back to save you the stress of rewriting the message)

Step 2: At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a “Remove” option, click on it.

How To Delete A Sent Facebook Message

Step 3: You’ll be greeted with a prompt message asking if “You want to Remove for everyone OR Remove for you”. If you choose the first option, the message will be deleted for everyone including you, if you select the second option,

How To Delete A Sent Facebook Message a message showing the remove option for facebook messenger

the message will delete in your messenger but still remain on the other person inbox, and if your intention was to choose option one then you pick

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A picture showing the process to Unsend a facebook message

option two you’ll have made a mistake cause it can’t be undone. So, therefore, choose the first option.

The message is then deleted.

Note: Facebook Messenger or Facebook website will alert the person that you’ve deleted a message by leaving a message showing that ‘A message was here”.

how to delete facebook messages from both sides 2019 , this picture shows that a message has been deleted

How To Delete A Sent Message On Facebook Before Someone Reads It From Facebook Website

It is also possible for you to callback a Facebook message if you are accessing or chatting from Facebook’s site.

Step 1: You are probably in the chat window.

Step 2: After sending the message, probably 9 minutes ago, click on the three-dot icon close to the message.

Step 3: Locate the ‘Remove’ option which asks if you want to ‘Remove for everyone’ or ‘Remove for you’. Choose the first option and you are done.

Hope it worked for you, that placeholder message which tells your receiver that you deleted a message is not so cool, so it’s better you think it through before sending a message.

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I got this info from Cnet

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