How To Create Gmail Account

how to create gmail account

How To Create Gmail Account: Good day! Google is one of the foundations of the internet for a normal user. This tech giant owns just so many tools a digital user needs. This particular HowTo9ja DIY Post,

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Focuses on how to create a Gmail account. Gmail account is like the key to open many Google locks. With your Gmail account, you have access to Google tools like Google docs, Google sheets, Google drive

Google sites, Google Maps, YouTube and above all Android, so yes! You need a Gmail account to be on the internet self 😉(not really). Here, I’ll show you ways to create a Gmail account on your PC and on your mobile device.

How To Create Gmail Account With A Web Browser

You can create a Gmail account using both your mobile browser and your PC browser, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: On your device browser open Google Account Sign Up page with this link. (I strongly advise you not to use any browser that is sync to a Gmail account already, and don’t use Chrome browser)

Step 2: In the box given, fill in your First and last name. Choose a username, this username will look like this “howto9ja2019” Google automatically adds the “” choose a unique username, appending your birthday or year’s date is one common way.

how to create gmail account

Type your password; Your password should be over 8 characters. A strong password has a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and signs.

Step 3: If requested, fill in your month, year and day of birth in the given field. If requested again, fill in your gender. You have to fill in these options, in the “Gender” field you can choose the “Rather Not Say” option if you don’t want to be identified by your gender. Click “Next” after this.

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Step 4: On the next page, you are requested to fill in your mobile number. If your country isn’t automatically selected, choose your countries flag. The country flag also determines your country call code,

how to create gmail account: Filling your mobile number while signing up for gmail

e.g The United States flag is appended with US official call code which is +1. In the box provided, type your phone number, don’t add the +1, +234, +14, etc just start typing your mobile number.

Use a mobile number that is near you or one whose text messages you can access, a code will be sent to you.

In most cases, google gives you two options to verify your number, A “Call” and “Text” option, both options are perfect,

Google will either call you or send a text depending on what you choose. After filling in your number, click on “Next“.

Step 5: A verification code is sent to you, check your text message inbox to get this code. It starts with a “G-“, get the numbers and input in the box given to you.

how to create gmail account: A gmail verification code after creating a gmail account

Note: Often, Google asks you to give them a method to contact you if a password request is made or there’s a security threat on your account, you might be asked for your mobile number(which you already provided) and an Email address, it doesn’t have to be a Gmail address.

Step 6: The next page, Google gives you its Terms and Conditions, after going through it, click on ‘I Agree‘ or ‘Agree‘. The Agree button isn’t clickable unless you scroll to the very end.

Step 7: At this point, you are now an official Gmail Account holder 🥳👏. Google then directs you to a “My Account” page, where you will see all the services that Google has to offer. Since we are here for the Gmail feature,

you are to pick the Gmail icon. It looks like an envelope ✉️ with a red lining. This option can be found from the top of the page or from the Google Apps menu.

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Step 8: Google shows you series of instructions and tips, keep clicking the “Next” button till you get to the end. At the end of the instructions, click on “Go To Gmail” button. It moves you to your Gmail account.

Your email address is “[email protected]” i.e the username you filled up in step 2 with a suffix.

How To Open Gmail Account With Gmail Mobile Application

Opening a Gmail Account with your mobile device is very possible, it is similar to the method above at a certain point. The difference here is just at the beginning.

Step 1: On your mobile device, open your App store and download the Gmail app.

how to create gmail account: Downloading Gmail application from play store

Most android phones come with the Gmail app, search for it on your device if found, skip this step, if you can’t find it, search for “Gmail” in your Play Store(Android) or App Store(iOS).

Step 2: After installing or finding the Gmail application, launch it.

Step 3: If no Gmail account is synchronized to the application, you’ll be presented with a blank “Sign-in” page. Here click “Create Account” and jump back up to Step 2 in Method 1. 👆🆙⇧

If an account is already active in the App, at the top right-hand side of the screen is a Gmail account profile picture click it.

how to create gmail account: Google account profile picture

This profile picture is available in the Gmail account sets it if it doesn’t, the first letter in the Gmail’s username will act as a profile picture, tap on it, then choose “Add Account” or “Use Another Account


If you can’t find a profile picture at the top left of your screen, on the top left side of your screen, tap on this ,

how to create gmail account

scroll down and choose to “Settings” options, then select the “Add Account” or “Use Another Account” option.

Step 4: On your iOS device, Google will show you a “Create an Account” option, your instructions ends here, go to the Method above and continue from Step 2.👆🆙⇧

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Android users: Google takes you to a page called “Set up mail” it gives you a list of possible Email clients, your purpose here is to create a GOOGLE MAIL Account often abbreviated as Gmail. Click on “Google“.

how to create gmail account

Step 5: Android will require you to input a security identification, it may be your device’s fingerprint, your password or face unlock. Pass this security page.

Step 6: Android now takes you to a page to set up your new Gmail account, below at the lower left click on “Create Account“.

how to create gmail account on Android with Android gmail app

Step 7: The next page requires you to fill in your details like Name, Last name, etc.

The setup from here is self-explanatory, it is similar to the settings in Method 1. Continue from Step 2.👆🆙⇧

I hope you did create the Gmail account? Do you have any issue or if I am missing something, point it out in the comment section.

You’ve learned how to create Gmail account, check out this other articles on HowTo9ja.

Don’t forget to drop a comment below. Thanks for reading.


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