How to Convert PDF to Word | 5 Easy Methods

How to Convert PDF to Word

How to Convert PDF to Word: Good day! The ability to convert your PDF files to Microsoft Word document is a very important trick. For you to edit your PDF document easily, it is best you convert it into a Word document then back to

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The PDF doc. Tools that will allow you to edit PDF documents without leaving errors are very rear. PDF is the default format for sharing word files online, to help you edit your PDF file properly,

HowTo9ja has put together this DIY post to facilitate this task. They are many ways to go about this, we have tried our very best to put together possible ways to convert PDF to Word on your Mac, Windows, Online and with your mobile device. View our table of content and pick a method.

This steps below show you how to convert PDF files without ADOBE.

How To Convert PDF To Word Using Automator (Mac Users)

This method here comes in handy for Apple Mac users. Automator is a built-in application on Mac which helps you go about this task. Automator doesn’t really convert your PDF file to a Ms. Word document but to a text document(.txt). It is efficient when dealing with a PDF file that doesn’t have images.

Step 1: Open your Automator application. Search for it in your Application list or via Launchpad.

How to Convert PDF to Word: Mac users

Step 2: When it launches, selection  “Workflow” from the options given. Workflow takes you to a window full of options.

Step 3: Select “Files and Folders“. This can be found at the column at the left of your screen.

Step 4: A drop-down menu pops, drag “Ask For Finder Items” into the blank space at the right of your screen, a box opens.

Step 5: Select PDF from the left column, then drag “Extract PDF Text” into the large blank space, you now have two boxes.

Step 6: In the Extract PDF Text box, choose “Rich Text” from one of the options. If you choose “Plain Text” your PDF will be altered a lot.

Step 7: Save the Workflow by using the “Command ⌘ + S” shortcut key. Give it a name of your choice. Change the file format from “Workflow” to “Application“. You have just created an application to convert PDF to Rich Text.

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Step 8: Bring up your Finder Window. Locate and launch your new Application. It will prompt you to choose a PDF file to convert. When you select the PDF, a file will appear on your desktop screen, bearing the PDF file name with a ‘.rtf’ extension.

Step 9: Open the RTF file in Microsoft Word by right-clicking on the new file, then select “Open With” locate and select “Word“.

How To Convert PDF To Word With Google Docx(Mac, Mobile Phones and Windows)

Google is not only a search engine or makers of Android, but the giant tech company also has so many tools that you may need. What makes Google your friend is that most of its tools are free. You can convert your PDF to Word Document by using this Google Tool.

With Google Docx, you can convert PDF to Word on your Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad, and Windows. You need to be able to access the internet. For mobile users, using your default mobile view wouldn’t work

You will have to turn on your Mobile browser’s “Desktop View“. If you use Chrome mobile browser, click the options menu( 3 horizontal lines ☰) at the top left, then scroll down to “Desktop Site” then click the box.

How to Convert PDF to Word: Using Google

Step 1: On your PC browser or Desktop View (Mobile Browser) open If you are signed to your Gmail account, it will lead you to your Google Docs page, if not you’ll have to sign in. The downside of Google docs is, your PDF’s photos wouldn’t be preserved.

Step 2: Select the “Upload” button. Often, this button is at the top-right side of your page below the template section or under your profile picture. It looks like this 📁 beside the “AZ

Step 3: The above step opens a pop-up window, at the far right click on “Upload“.

Step 4: Click “Select A File From Your Computer/Device” this opens your file explorer.  On mobile devices, a window pops under your screen, choose “Download” then locate the file using the menu from the left.

Step 5: Choose the PDF file you wish to convert. This file will upload to your google drive and give you a preview of it.

Step 6: At the top of the PDF preview window, click on “Open With“. If you can’t find the “Open With” drop-down box, just move your mouse to the top of your PDF preview Window.

Step 7: From the drop-down menu, choose “Google Docs“, the PDF should open as a Google Doc file. If you can’t find the “Google Docs” option, click “Connect More Apps” in the drop-down menu, then search for “Google Docs“, click the plus ➕ sign to connect it. It should show now.

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Step 8: Click on “File” at the upper-left part of your Docs page. Locate and click “Download as“, Select “Microsoft Word(.docx)”. If you are prompted too, pick your “Save” location. If you don’t get a prompt, it might be saved to your Download folder.

How to Convert PDF to Word Using Microsoft Word (Mac and Windows)

Ms Word also gives you a means to easily convert your PDF to Word Document, this is the simplest method here. This can be done with your Windows or Mac PC only.

Step 1: Locate the PDF you want to convert.

Step 2: For Windows: Right-click on the file to access the drop-down menu.

For Mac: Click on the PDF once, then select “File” at the top-left corner of the screen.

Step 3: For Windows: Locate and select “Open With” option, this shows a list of apps that can open the PDF file. Choose “WORD“.

For Mac: Select the “Open With” option. This is at the top of the “File” drop-down menu. Select “Microsoft Word“.

Step 4: If prompted click “Ok“. If this PDF file was gotten online, Ms Word will require you to allow editing by clicking “Enable Editing” at the top of the window. Click “Ok” after this.

Note: Minor errors may be noticed, edit these errors. E.g Line or Page breaks etc.

Step 5: After editing it you save the Word document.

For Windows: Click on “File” select “Save As” double click on “This PC“, give it a file name and select a location, then click “Save“.

For Mac: Click “File“, Select “Save As“, enter a name then choose your file location then click “Save”.

How to Convert PDF to Word Online( Mac, Mobile, Windows)

This is almost similar to the Google Docx method, the difference here is, it is more straightforward than using Google Docs.

The idea behind this is, you upload your PDF to any of the sites I’ll give you below and allow it to do the work. This method allows you to convert PDF to Word online with your iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac PC.

Step 1: Open any of this links below in a new tab, they are my three best pdf to word converter online tools.

Step 2: Upload your PDF file.

Step 3: Allow them to upload and convert, a download button will be presented to you.

The links may be different, the steps are almost similar, thou the sites have their “How To” articles there.

How to Convert PDF to Word With Adobe Acrobat Pro( Mac & Windows)

O yes!  Adobe is the original creators of this file format PDF. Adobe tool isn’t free. Adobe might be the perfect tool for this task because it may reduce the amount of altering other methods may incur.

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Step 1: Launch your Adobe Acrobat App.

Step 2: At the top-left corner of your screen, click on “File“. A drop-down menu opens.

Step 3: Select “Open“. A file explorer opens

Step 4: Locate your PDF file and either double-click to open it or click on it once then click on “Open” at the lower right-hand side of your screen.

Step 5: For the second time, click on “File” at the top left of your screen.

Step 6: Click “Export To.” Or ” Save As Other” This opens a pop-up menu. (Any of the options given)

Step 7: From the pop-up menu, choose “Microsoft Word” if a menu pops to its side, select “Word document

Step 8: The “Word Document” leads you to a pop-up window where you will save your file. Pick a save location on the left side of your window.

For Mac users, click the “Where” drop-down box to pick a location.

Click “Save” at the bottom of the window

How to Convert PDF to Word On Mobile Device(  iOS and Android)

If you are you are not able to convert PDF to Word with Google or Online, then there’s another way out for mobile users.

Visit any of your Application stores and search for a tool that can do the work.

On your Google App store(Android) or Apple App Store(iOS), type ” PDF to Word“. A range of tools will be shown, pick the one with the highest rating.

PDF To Word Android Applications
  1. PDF to Word
  2. PDF Converter
  3. PDF Conversion
  4. Word To PDF Converter

You can copy and paste any of this names in your google play store.

PDF To Word iOS Applications
  1. PDF to Word by FFlyingbee
  2. Easy PDF
  3. PDF to Word Free

Copy and paste on your Apple App Store search bar.

The instructions are always in the application itself.

You’ve learned how to convert PDF to Word, check out other topics related to this.

How to Convert PDF to Word(Videos)

Watch this videos, they may incur data cost.

Thanks! Have any suggestions, drop it below.

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