How To Combine PDF In 2 Smart Ways

How To Combine PDF In 3 Simple Ways

How To Combine PDF Files: Good day, hope you are cool? If you’re one who works with a lot of E-Documents and you work with a lot of PDF files, this post is for you.

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In your daily tasks, you may need to send multiple PDF files to one person, I’m here to let you know it’s very possible for you to combine all your

Pdf files into one pdf and send it or keep it, saving you the stress of having to dig deep to find related PDF files.

Ways To Combine PDF Files

They are many ways you can go about this task, they are online tools for this, many third-party apps have this feature(Malware risk here too) and most of your devices offer you this method for free.

The three ways you can go about combining PDF Files are
1. With your PC
2. With your Mobile Phone

How To Combine PDF With Your PC

Here you’ll learn how to combine PDF with your Mac and with your Windows

How To Merge PDF Files Mac

If you are a Mac user, it’s my pleasure to let you know that you can do this with your pc, that is the tool for doing this is already on your device

And this Tool is free, and it is very possible that you have used this tool before.

Combine PDF Files With The Preview App

Step 1: Create a folder and move all the PDF files you wish to combine there.

Step 2: Open your ‘Finder Folder’ which have the stored files and make a duplicate of the file you want as your first page. (You’ll be using a duplicate so should in case you make a mistake, the PDF backup will be there.

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To create a duplicate = Highlight the file and two-finger click on the file and select Duplicate in the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Now, double click on the original pdf file and open it in Preview. If the file doesn’t show in the preview, you two-finger click on that file then go to Open with > Preview.

Ensure that you can see the thumbnail, if you can’t click View then click the thumbnail or use the shortcut key Option+Cmd+2

Step 4: Add your PDF files and any other file you want to add like JPG, PNG, etc, do this by dragging and dropping them in the thumbnail sidebar.

Be guided, Preview wouldn’t allow you to add Word, Excel and HTML files to a PDF document. To be able to add this other files, you have to first convert them to a PDF document or you get the Acrobat DC(I’ll write extensively about this in the Windows section, thou the app is available for all pc users)

Step 5: Arrange your PDF files in an orderly manner, or the way you want it to be.

Step 6: When you are done, go to the File option and click on ‘Export as PDF’, give it your desired name and choose a folder you’ll love to save it in.

Step 7: Click on save.

Hope it worked out for you!!!

How To Merge pdf Files Windows(10, 8, 8.1) PC

Windows users are not blessed with a system app for combining PDF, the remedy is online or using a third party app, don’t trip the app is safe.

We will be working with Adobe Acrobat App, a legend in the game of PDF. Unless you are using a nulled version 😉 Adobe isn’t free.

Its subscription goes for $13 – $25 a month, pretty expensive I’ll say, most especially if you need it just once. Why Adobe Acrobat Stays winning is because they are super professional and reliable.

If you can’t afford the Adobe Acrobat now, then working with a Mac, Mobile Phone or online will do the trick. So here you’ll learn How To Merge PDF Files With Acrobat.

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Step 1: Open your Acrobat App.

Step 2: Go To Tools and click on “Create & Edit”, this option takes you to the ‘Combine File’ workspace where you can add and rearrange files for merging/combining.

On like the Mac Preview tool, Adobe Acrobat accepts many file types ranging from PDF to Html to Word documents to Folders.

Step 3: In the ‘Combine File’ section, you can either drag and drop the PDF files or you click on “Add Files” then select the PDF files one after the other in the dialogue box provided.

Step 4: Align or arrange the PDF files in an orderly manner or the way you want it to appear at the end by dragging and dropping.

Step 5: On the top right section, you’ll see the ‘Combine Button’ click it when you are done or you can simply use the Shift+Ctrl+I shortcut button.

When Acrobat is done merging your files, a tab will appear next to the Home + Tool tabs, click this tab to access your new document

Step 6: If it meets your satisfaction, click on the ‘Save’ button at the Top left to save it or press Ctrl+S. You are presented with the option of saving it to your Adobe Document Cloud (for premium users) or you save it to your system storage.

Step 7: Choose the folder you wish to save your new PDF document and give it a name.

Hope it worked?

How To Combine PDF Files On Your Mobile Device

Here you’ll learn how to combine PDF files with both your Android and your iOS device.

How to Combine PDF Online (How To Combine PDF Files Without Acrobat)

This method works with both your mobile device and your PC device, its all about using an online tool.

Step 1: Create a folder and copy all the PDF files to the folder

Step 2: Visit any of this links in a different tab
1. Link 1
2. Link 2
3. Link 3
4. Link 4

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Step 3: The process may vary in these sites, but the general step is the same. Here you click on upload(it’s very visible there)

Step 4: Navigate to the folder you created in step 1 and long press on one PDF file, then mark the rest (The idea of marking files)

Step 5: Click on OPEN always at the top of the screen.

Step 6: Allow it to combine, then download it to your device.

How To Merge PDF On iPhone

Step 1: Open your App Store and search and download any of these Apps
1. PDFelement
2. PDF Editor
3. iAnnotate
4. PDF Expert
5. GoodReader
6. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Most of them are NOT free.

Step 2: Copy all the PDF files to a new folder

Step 3: I am working with the ‘PDF Editor’ app. Launch it.

Step 4: Tap on Edit icon at the top right-hand corner.

Step 5: Navigate to the folder and select the PDF files you want to combine.

Step 6: Tab the merge button at the screen’s bottom and merge your selected PDF files.

Step 7: They will save in a folder named after this app.

How To Merge PDF Files On Android

The steps are similar to the iPhone step, all you have to do here is download any of these apps

Step 1: Download any of these free Android PDF tools from your play store.
1. PDF Merge
2. PDF Utility Lite
3. Adobe

How To Combine PDF In 3 Simple Ways

Step 2: Working with PDF Merge, go to the iOS steps and continue from step 3.


This is the ways to merge your PDF files, I hope I was able to help you.

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