How To Borrow Airtime From Glo, MTN, 9Mobile and Airtel

How To Check Your Mobile Number On All Networks

How To Borrow Airtime From All Mobile Networks: Lol, Trust me I’ve been there on many occasions, like the “brokest nig*a ever liveth”, sometimes you are struct in traffic, or where the is no network for you to buy card from your bank

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The most funny one is what me and my mates use to do, assuming we have 100box in our hand and we want to do airtel night sub of 200 naira what we do is

load the 100box, borrow card of 200 and we are good to go, you know they charge 15% from every loan you pick, well this are the ways to borrow airtime from those niggurs!

How To Borrow Airtime From All Mobile Networks

How to borrow airtime from 9Mobile{Now Etisalat}

With 9Mobile/Etisalat  you can also borrow airtime with your mobile device. The first step is to dial *665# or dial *665*amount#
When you dial *665#, you will see several options to choose from. This is how it will appear on your screen:

  1. Get the highest amount you can borrow
  2. Choose Loan Amount
  3. Check Eligibility
  4. Check Loan Balance
  5. Deactivate Loan
  6. Activate Loan
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From the above options, choose the number that corresponds with your issues and follow the instruction from there. Once you select the amount you want to borrow, you will be credited shortly.

How to borrow airtime from MTN

The steps to borrowing airtime with your MTN line are as simple as ABC. With your phone just dial *606#

Then you will get a message indicating if you are eligible to borrow airtime.

If you’re eligible you will see instructions with serial numbers. For instance:

  1. Eligibility Status
  2. Xtra Time Balance
  3. Next

Select the number that represents what you want to do. Once, you can follow the instruction, your phone will be credited with the airtime you need.

Usually, your service provider (MTN) will charge 15% of the total value of the airtime which will be deducted on your next recharge.

How to borrow airtime from Airtel

If you use an Airtel SIM, you can borrow airtime by dialing *500*amount#. With Airtel, you can borrow up to N500 worth of airtime at a time.

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How To Borrow Airtime From Glo, MTN, 9Mobile and Airtel Easily

Generally, borrowing airtime attracts a service charge depending on the network you’re using. Usually, the charge ranges between 10 and 15%. For instance, Airtel attracts a service charge of 15% which means you will be given an airtime of N85 if you borrow N100

How to borrow airtime from Glo

You can also borrow airtime from GLO. However, the method with GLO is a bit longer because you’re expected to add a security pin. This is done by following the steps below:

Step #1: Dial *321# then create a 4 digit pin of your choice e.g 0911 (Learn how to change pins for other networks here)

Step #2: Borrow the airtime by dialing *321*pin*amount you want to borrow#. For example: *321*0911*200#.

You will be credited with the amount you requested shortly.

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And my dear, they are going to collect their cash from  you the next second you recharge, they don’t care if you want them to collect of not, just be smart about it!!!

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