How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights

How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights

Score 90+ In Google Pagespeed Insights With Nitropack: It might sound like I am over exaggerating at some point or I am trying to push an agenda, but you need to understand how happy I was when I found out about this method.

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Google Algorithm, Google Penguin update, Google Hummingbird, Google BERT, etc, etc are all names we in the blogosphere use often, many principles or ideas could be questioned

Partnering to ranking on the first page for many Search Engine queries, but the one thing that can’t be questioned is PAGE SPEED. Page Speed is everything when it comes to SEO, with the great influx

With mobile devices, it is a confirmed fact your blog or site must be built and optimized to king in the mobile journey. To save you the stress of all the jargon, I simply mean that your blog’s page speed must be top-notch.

How To Determine Your Page Speed

It’s almost impossible for one to determine how fast his or her site(s) is so we have what we call “Page Speed Tools” to tackle or help give us a big chunk of how our sites loads on many browsers, devices and across many regions.

Some honorable mentions include

And many others. Every SEO Guru knows these three. Thou people advertise that these tools don’t determine how fast your site is, but unless you are a big site with much authority online, you really should consider satisfying these tools.

These tools were created by tech gurus and they definitely know what features they added to it, so yes! You need these tools on your side.

How Do I Score 90+ In Google Pagespeed Insights

To the question of the day, I don’t wish to waste your time, speaking of speed, I will speedily* dive into the method I came across.

While surfing the net, looking for ways to increase my page speed, I came across this bloggers forum, I kept skimming through till I beheld a comment, the person suggested we all try this gem, Nitropack.

I am a fan of risks and enjoy trying new stuff, most especially when it is from a very NEW company, it has caused me a lot but it has also given me much experience, nothing beats a first-hand experience I must say.

Introducing NitroPack The Real Nitro Boost Every Site Needs

Nitropack I will say promotes laziness 😉, o yeah! A typical SEO guru, tackling a speed issue will first go about things like

  • Get a CDN
  • Get fast servers
  • Host Images outside your servers
  • Use compressed images
  • Lazy load your site
  • Use Gzip
  • Add expire headers
  • Reduce scripts in background
  • Preload external fonts and sites
  • Preconnect to site origins
  • Minify JS, HTML and Css
  • Minimize redirects
  • Get a cache plugin
  • Set up your cache plugin
  • Set up this and that and those…..

How about I show you ways to solve this in ONE CLICK. O yeah! W3c has helped me on a blog or two, Wp Rocket is another boss in the game of speed, but Nitropack is a King on its own.

I won’t bring down one tool to promote the other, a friend of mine who is a sports blogger(90Xtra) uses one of these plugins and he has achieved the same amount of speed I have achieved with Nitropack,

He probably had to sit down, understand his site, understand the jargon in these plugins and set his site to get the results it currently has. I am a millennial and I love shortcuts, a famous adage goes

Shortcut doesn’t lead to heaven“……. But if it’s speed you want, Nitropack speed will😉

With Nitropack, all you have to do is take 30 – 60 minutes of your busy schedule to set it up. It doesn’t matter how vague your site is to you, trust me, Nitropack got you covered.

They have top-notch customer care who are ready to help the moment you reach out to them.

Proves That NitroPack Can Help You Score 90+ In Google Pagespeed Insights

Below are some screenshots to back up my claim, as at the time of writing this article, this post –

Was already optimized on NitroPack,

How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights
Was optimized, check the date stamp!

I have deleted it to further back up my claim.

How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights
Optimized page deleted.

After deleting it and testing on Google Page Insights, this is my score across mobile and desktop devices.

How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights
Poor mobile page.
How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights
Poor Desktop page

I have re-optimized it on NitroPack, in less than 30 seconds,

How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights
Has just been optimized, see the date stamp

check out the score on mobile and Desktop.

How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights
See!!! My mobile page is on 93!!!!
How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights
Hold on!! Is that 99!! I see there!!!

Thou the topic reads “Score 90+ In Google Pagespeed Insights”, Using NITROPACK, you can score 100 if you speak with their fast and reliable customer care.

I haven’t gotten 100/100 because of Cloudflare, o yes! Cloudflare is used to enhance speed, but a few features I customized kills my 100/100 score, and Ads also contribute…

How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights
NitroPack customer care helped confirm this.

But despite these two factors, I am having 90+ score on Google Page Insight, sounds like a victory to my ears.

We also know by now, it is very difficult to score above 90 on mobile devices.

How Does NitroPack Work?

No need for the many jargon, this will be very concise. Look at it like a pillar supporting a very large building, the pillar will be really stressed, if it were a living thing, it will be under so much pressure that it may give up.

Now, if many other pillars are added to this building, the stress will be reduced, the building will stand tall and can withstand additional weight.

Now, your server or host is the single pillar, your traffic, your site plugins, themes, scripts, images, etc is the building,

many shared servers are built for top-notch speed, but when many sites with different plugins get on these servers, it feels the impact.

NitroPack is not just one pillar, but many other pillars added to this building. NitroPack gets 80% of all resources on your sites and serves them to your visitor from its own servers, they work with Cloudfornt who is a renowned CDN(Content Delivery Network) with multiple servers.

Awesome Features NitroPack Offers

[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Show More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

☑️ Compression
☑️ Minification
☑️ Defer JS loading
☑️ DNS Prefetching
☑️ Faster Painting
☑️ Speed Index
☑️ Global CDN (Amazon)
☑️ HTML Compression
☑️ HTML Minification
☑️ HTTP-2 Support
☑️ Image Optimization
☑️ Improved TTFB (Time to First Byte)
☑️ JS Compression
☑️ JS Minification
☑️ Key Requests Preload
☑️ Lightweight Page Cache
☑️ Minimized Main-thread Work
☑️ No CPU Overhead
☑️ PageSpeed Optimization
☑️ Smart Invalidation
☑️ Container-specific Image Resizing
☑️ Deferred Offscreen Images
☑️ Image Lazy Loading
☑️ Next-Gen Image Formats
☑️ Browser-aware Caching
☑️ Cookie-aware Caching
☑️ Device-aware Caching
☑️ ECommerce Friendly
☑️ Optimization Reports
☑️ Session-aware Caching
☑️24/7 Monitoring
☑️ CloudFlare Compatibility
☑️ Free Integration
☑️ Free Support
☑️ Money-back Guarantee
☑️ Regular Updates


How Do I Set-up NitroPack And Score 100/100 In Speed Tools

It is pretty simple, follow my instructions 😉, NOTE!

Nothing is free even in Freetown“. As at the time of compiling this article, Nitropack gives a free trial plan of 5000 pages, 5000 is much!!! When you’ve had a taste of their awesomeness, you definitely will want to go premium, it isn’t expensive either.

Step 1:
Visit Nitropack site for registration by clicking this link

Step 2:
At the top right corner is a menu button represented by three vertical lines ☰, click on this.

Step 3:
Locate the sign-up button and click on it.

How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights
Sign Up button

Step 4:
Fill the form and proceed.

How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights

Step 5:
Often than not, they’ll send a confirmation mail, check your mail.

Step 6:
Visit this link to see how to connect NitroPack to your platform.

How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights

I use the iconic WordPress, so I connected my nitropack using the WordPress plugin.

NOTE: All settings are carried out via the Nitropack dashboard, the WordPress plugin only acts as a doorway to your site, intimating Nitropack of new updates to your posts, themes and when new posts have been added.

Nitropack then purges your optimized pages or the optimized page affected and starts optimizing immediately.

Step 7:
If you’ve connected your site properly, give it 10 minutes for optimization to start.

How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights

Keep watching the dashboard to see the pages that have been optimized.

Step 8:
Visit Google Page Insight,  and start testing.
The first thing you will notice is, 80% of the regular errors will vanish if you aren’t satisfied with your score.

Step 9:
Go to “Settings” it’s at the top right-hand menu. Then play with the different settings options there.

Standard – Medium – Strong – Ludicrous – Manual

All this are different settings, the higher the settings the more aggressive Nitropack will be.

How To Score 90+ With Nitropack In Google Pagespeed Insights
Different NitroPack settings

Nitropack explains everything, this tutorial was mainly to introduce you to this gem.

I have so much faith in NitroPack cause of my experience with site speed, I hope you see why.

If you have any problem, error, stress, etc. Drop a comment below I will help out.

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