How To Block Contacts From Calling On iPhone

How To Block Contacts From Calling On iPhone

How To Block Contacts From Calling On iPhone: I’ll be showing you how to block unwanted calls in text in iOS 12. For some reasons you have no idea about, a particular number has made up its mind to keep disturbing you

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Or an ex or stalker or annoying human has decided to make your phone a living here, this right here is for you.
This tutorial will done using an iPhone 7, it will work well on your iPhone 8 to iPhone X/Xs/Xr.

How To Block Contacts On iPhone Using Your Recent Call list

Step 1: Locate your phone icon. I mean the place you click to see your recent calls.

How To Block Contacts From Calling On iPhone
Step 2: Locate the ‘i’ symbol and tap on it, it must open a a menu.
Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Block This Caller” option.
Step 4: A pop up message shows, saying “you will not receive calls messages or FaceTime from people on the block list” Hit block.
Step 5: You will see an “Unblock” option, this symbolizes that the contact has been blocked.
You can unblock the contact there if you change your mind

How To Block Contacts On iPhone Using The Voicemail

It is also possible to block unwanted contacts on your iPhone through your voicemail.
Step 1: Locate and tap on Voicemail.
Step 2: Click a voicemail sender.
Step 3: Tap on the little ‘i’ symbol there on the hand again and they will put you into the next menu for the voicemail
Step 4: You can scroll down and you can see where it says block caller again you tap onto that and then hit black call and so now both of those calls have been blocked

How To Unblock Contacts On iPhone

Now say for instance, after a couple of months, for some reason you want to unblock numbers that you have blocked
Step 1: Navigate and click on your iPhone settings.
Step 2: Slide down to where you see phone tap on that.
Step 3: You come down to where you see “call blocking and identification” click on that open that up there and it will show all the numbers that you have blocked.
Step 4: Locate the number you wish to unblock and tap on it.
Step 5: Swipe to the left and hit the Unblock button.
Step 6: And you are done.
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