About HowTo9ja

HowTo9ja or HowToNaija is your simple DIY site inspired by Wikihow, HowTo9ja focuses on doing just one thing, that is making life easy for internet users like you, by giving you detailed instructions on How To Do It Yourself.

HowTo9ja offers a space for you to share your own knowledge with the world, all you have to do is click this link for more inquires.

How-To-9ja was created by a honest Nigerian named Stephen Malip(Facebook, Twitter) with the vibe and heart of  a helper, all you need to do is go through the site and find out the solution to your problems, if you can’t find what you want, you can contact us here for us to make a research on the topic and get a

How To‘ Solve it solution. You might have a product whose instructions isn’t on the internet, contact us here for that.

Some Sections In HowTo9ja
  1. ARTS AND ENTERTANMENT: This is the very first section of HowTo9ja, this section covers ‘How To’ questions in the entertainment industry, it teaches individuals how to carry out tasks pertaining to the entertainment and art industry.
  2. Computers and Mobiles: Another section of HowTo9ja is the computers and Mobile phone section, here we try to educate you to the best of our abilities about Computers and Mobile phones.
  3. Education: The education section of HowTo9ja helps users in the education sector, yeah! Literal education School stuffs, Mathematics, English etc etc
  4. Fashion: This section cannot be left out, fashion is the order of the day, you know that “You are addressed the way you dress” so it shouldn’t be over emphasized.
  5. Finance and BusinessThe finance section takes a spot on HowTo9ja, this section focuses on business and finance questions, we try our very best to give you cool answers and simple ones to every question in this section.
  6. Food And Drinks:I guess you don’t joke with your stomach? well we know that, so we created this section to teach you how to tackle issues relating to our meals and what we eat, here we teach you about making of new/old dishes and help show you the right proportion of ingredients to use when preparing meals.
  7. Health: Health is Wealth, one needs to be concerned about their health, so HowTo9ja has a health sector here.
  8. Internet: The internet is something you can’t ignore, so HowTo9ja dives into the Internet sector, you being able to read this, so therefore you are an internet user, so we help you tackle issues involving the internet.
  9. Networks: Questions like How to transfer data etc etc are tackled here, here HowTo9ja helps one tackle issues involving our service providers, most especially our internet service providers.
  10. Relationships: Like it or not, we are involve in relationships in one way or the other, so HowTo9ja dives into this section, here we teach you how to handle relationship issues.
  11. Social Media: Social media is part of society today, we also treat issues relating to social media.
  12. Tools: We also have tools that you can use on, we have tools like ‘Checking internet speed‘, ‘Currency Converter‘ and a host of other tools


HowTo9ja is open for anybody on earth, come lets trash that problem. Thank You For Using Us, we are really grateful.